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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I live right next to the Oqurirrh Mountain Temple

 My new area is Daybreak. It is one of the nicest areas I have ever
seen in Utah. I live right next to the Oqurirrh Mountain Temple. I
literally live on the street going to it I live maybe 50 yards from
it. My new companion is Elder G. He was born in Mexico but has
lived in Oregon for most of his life. He lives right next to the UOO.
I am still the DL. And I will send you a picture of what I cover and
yeah everything. I am in the daybreak stake and I am doing English and
Spanish now... Spanish is better mother that is for sure. I am fed
there is no need to worry about that.  Also yesterday while I was in
the Spanish ward a lady came right up to us and said I want to take
the lessons and be baptized!!! I already like this ward haha. Also my
bishop is Elder A. He was a former 70 and also there is another 70
that lives in my area. Last night I met a former MLB player and he's a
member so this area has got some cool things in it.
Yeah I heard all bout the Utes the area I am in has quite a bit of
Utah fans.
Te quiero mucho