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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Eat Rice and Beans Everyday.

That is pretty freaking awesome about the girls at volleyball camp. It seems I never really got the opportunities but oh well haha.  Do you think Katie will play varsity this year? My Spanish is starting to come but very slowly. I did get that picture with Hermana Clark so I'll send that to you. Where did you guys get stung at. Ben´s eye literally looked so funny.  (side note Sis. Clark and Elder Montgomery share the same Great Grandparents)

I eat rice and Beans everyday. Sometimes in the breakfast as well. My district leader is Elder Brown he is really cool I like him we get along great. Oh and guess where he is from (utah) haha no surprise there. The Hermanas in my district are going to the Nashville Tennessee Mission so they will be really close to you guys. A new district was added to my zone this week and four of them are going to Atlanta Ga for there mission I´ll send you their names next week.

I just went to the temple today. It is way bigger than ours but it is super pretty but what temple isn´t. My message for you this week is about how families can live together for eternity. While we were in the visitors center for the Mexico Temple and we watched a video on famailes. While I was watching I felt the spirit tell me that it is true. I know that we will live together for ever and I am so grateful for the oportunity to go out and preach that because I know that these things are true. I love you guys so much and I miss you guys but not enough to want to leave that´s for sure haha. It makes me so happy that I know that we can be together after death and it makes me even more excited to go out and preach it to the people of Salt Lake City Utah. 

Mucho, Amor 
Elder Montgomery

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

They Call Me HAWAII Five O

I am so happy that the Spurs practically swept the Heat. Was it a clinic they put on? 

So yesterday I had to give a blessing to one of the guys in my district because he hurt himself playing volleyball. It was pretty cool! I think I'm starting to get better at giving them go figure haha. But the really cool thing is, that he was put into a wheel chair because of the injury but today he's feeling so much better he can almost start walking again. So that is one of the coolest things I have seen yet.

Um yesterday was probably the hardest day that I have ever had in the CCM.  I could not function at all. I couldn't understand what anybody was saying to me. Usually I'm decent about being able to decipher what they say to me but yesterday was awful. I just absolutely hated Spanish with a passion yesterday. But they one of my teachers came in and he showed us this video on Christ like attributes. He told us to pick one to work on and I decided that I needed to work on Hope. But in a different type of way. I studied it this morning (in English) and it just helped remind me that by me being on the mission the lord will bless me with the ability to learn the language.

I have played some ball. So far I'm the best. They call me HAWAII five O (which I like because that is a sick nickname). 

So basically last Tuesday after I had emailed you guys we had a devotional in the auditorium. It started to rain so freaking hard it was ridiculous. It rained so much that it flooded the auditorium. I was sitting in the front row which was really cool. 

Everything is starting to move much faster like literally it feels like pday was just a few days ago. I really like pizza day. As much as a love Mexican food I'm starting to hate it haha.
The investigator was a practice one, but now he is our teacher so that's really cool. 
I have heard gunshots. I have heard more fireworks than anything. We aren't allowed to leave the CCM because it is too dangerous. 

Who baptized Calvin. I'm so happy that he was baptized. That is so awesome I knew he would. I'm seeing sister Clark more so I talk to her. 

Mucho Amor,

Elder Montgomery

Friday, June 13, 2014

Mi Espanol Es Muy Mal

That sounds fun. They play a lot of Volleyball here and basketball.
This place es muy bonita y es fantastico estar yo soy here. It is very
colorful. My district is amazing. So four of the eight in my district
are from the south and the other four are from Utah. An the funny
thing is, is that they are all going to the south for there missions
and we are all going to Utah. My companion is Elder McK. I like
him. I wish he would talk more but oh well. 
I did meet Sis. Clark it was kind of weird but that is probably because I have never
met her, she is very nice. Oh my gosh the food here is amazing but the
one problem is, is that it's mostly just carbs and we don´t get
enough time to work all of them off.
Why is there a picture of Madeline in the hospital. I
have but not many we can only take them on pdays so Ill take a lot
Espanol es muy dificil. Mi espanol es muy mal. All though it is
getting better. Like this first week I think I have learned more than
I did in the past 3 years in high school. The investigator that we are
teaching is awesome!!! His name is Roque. While we were teaching him
the other day and this came out of nowhere I felt the impression to
ask him to get baptized. And So I asked him. He said that he would
love to get baptized and his date is set for July 15th.  Any tips for
helping me learn the language better?

Mucho Amor,

Elder Montgomery

p.s.  Oh yeah here is the message for the week. The Atonement is real. I know
this for a fact because I have felt the Saviors love for me and
without it we would be nothing nor could we do nothing. I am so
grateful for Christ sacrifice for us. 

Um yeah about that satchel. I

kind of need it haha but I¨ll just wait for Utah. Can you send my
shoes to Utah the BYU Hawaii shirt and all of the other stuff that we
took out of the suitcase please. Oh yeah there is a guy in the CCM
that played basketball for BYU Hawaii. He says that I will love it
there and that Coach Evans is the best. ( he found out later that Coach Evans is leaving. :( He wasn't happy..)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I got the name tag!!!!!!!

The flight went great! There where about 22 elders and sisters on the flight so there was no need to worry. Customs was very easy it was as smooth as butter. My p day won´t be on Monday it will be either on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I got the name tag!!!!!!! This place is literally in the middle on Mexico city. The weather is definitely better than Georgia´s. It is a dryer heat but I´m still sweating a lot because of the suit jacket. My companion is Elder McKenzie. I haven´t met him yet, but I bet he is going to be awesome. I love the place!!! It´s awesome and super beautiful. I haven´t met Sister Clark yet but I´ll be looking for her. I got all my baggage there was no need to worry about that but the green duct tape did help quite a bit. Surprisingly my Spanish is a lot better than a lot of the elders and sisters that are out here. The Spanish people were sorta impressed by with the little Spanish that I know. Just found out that Tuesday will be my P day please tell everyone. I can´t wait to play basketball here ;) I love you guys have fun in Texas
Much Love,
Elder Montgomery

See You in Two Years Elder Montgomery

 Atlanta Airport, International Hub
 Getting Peso's for the Mexico MTC

 Away He Goes

See you in Two Years Elder Montgomery

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Good Old Fashioned Southern Pie Social.. Pies and Ties.

We had LOTS of Yummy Pies

 Lakeview Crew
 Pres. and Sis. Howick
 Neighbors Ryan, Ms. Terri and Mr. Rick
 As always a gathering around a Basketball Hoop
 The Price Family
 Great Evening for a Gathering
Look at All Those Ties.. With his church buddies.
Gotta Love some Pie
Ties Galore
Zach made off with 34 new ties to take on his mission.