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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Eat Rice and Beans Everyday.

That is pretty freaking awesome about the girls at volleyball camp. It seems I never really got the opportunities but oh well haha.  Do you think Katie will play varsity this year? My Spanish is starting to come but very slowly. I did get that picture with Hermana Clark so I'll send that to you. Where did you guys get stung at. Ben´s eye literally looked so funny.  (side note Sis. Clark and Elder Montgomery share the same Great Grandparents)

I eat rice and Beans everyday. Sometimes in the breakfast as well. My district leader is Elder Brown he is really cool I like him we get along great. Oh and guess where he is from (utah) haha no surprise there. The Hermanas in my district are going to the Nashville Tennessee Mission so they will be really close to you guys. A new district was added to my zone this week and four of them are going to Atlanta Ga for there mission I´ll send you their names next week.

I just went to the temple today. It is way bigger than ours but it is super pretty but what temple isn´t. My message for you this week is about how families can live together for eternity. While we were in the visitors center for the Mexico Temple and we watched a video on famailes. While I was watching I felt the spirit tell me that it is true. I know that we will live together for ever and I am so grateful for the oportunity to go out and preach that because I know that these things are true. I love you guys so much and I miss you guys but not enough to want to leave that´s for sure haha. It makes me so happy that I know that we can be together after death and it makes me even more excited to go out and preach it to the people of Salt Lake City Utah. 

Mucho, Amor 
Elder Montgomery

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