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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I was Made Zone Leader Last Sunday, so Wish me Luck with That.

I will be calling home from the airport most likely in Dallas though. Well when you know when Mexico score a a goal that's is for sure. My Spanish is coming not much I can say about it.   So this week was great. I got a stain on my shirt four days in a row. The last one a bird pooped on me so I was not happy about that. 
So the message this week is the important of repentance. Repentance can be a hard thing and Satan wants us to feel like we are not worthy to repent. But all those who are reading get those thoughts out of your head because Jesus and our Heavenly Father want us to repent. Jesus died for us so that we could repent and come back to out father in Heaven. So why would we not partake in one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. I know that it may be hard but do all that you can to repent because It may be hard at first but when the whole process is over it feels like the biggest burden has been lifted off of your shoulders. Nothing else I can think of other than I was made Zone leader last Sunday so wish me luck with that. My teacher said that he thinks my whole district is ready for the field. We all can talk pretty well so that's is good. I must go but 
Con Amor,
Elder Montgomery 

To Padre:
Things are great I miss you guys (specifically Katie) but that is because she is special to me. My Spanish is improving. Both of my teachers say that I am ready for the field which I'm excited about because I am ready to preach.  I will just be sad to leave my district. I was made Zone leader on Sunday. I have learned so much about the gospel you don't even know. I would love to be in Salt Lake. I had a dream that I was on the plane there and I was so stoked. I promise I had written Montele the first week I guess he must not have gotten it. I can almost hold a hand stand for quite some time now. I can walk on my hands now the no dunking rule is killing me so much you don't even know.
Con Amor
Elder Montgomery 

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