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Saturday, November 29, 2014

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to be transferred.

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to be transferred. You learn to love the people that you are serving with in that area and they become your family so it was difficult to leave them but I am grateful for this opportunity to grow. I am doing well I am very excited to be in this area. The people are very kind here and I love being on bike. But thank you President for putting me in Riverton I love that area so much and the people. I love Elder Blanco he has already taught me quite a few things in this short amount of time we have been together. I learned in study's this week about obedience. So I was studying the topic of obedience and as I opened Preach My Gospel I saw the picture of the tree of life. And as soon as I saw that picture a bunch of dot's just connected. Many of us are on the path to the tree of life and are holding on to the rode. As missionaries we are asked to hold even tighter to that rod. Some missionaries are disobedient and let go of the rod that we are supposed t follow and are off on the way side calling those to repentance. That's good and all that they are doing that but as there investigators are following their direction they are not following someone that is holding onto the rod. So what happens to those missionaries and investigators. It is very likely that they will fall along the way side because they were not guided properly. That's not fair to the investigator at all. So we ourselves must be obedient in order to give guidance and direction to others. 

 My new companion is Elder Blanco he is native speaker and he is a zone leader and I'm his companion it's cool and strange at the same time. We are living in a members house she a really nice old lady. I do get to speak Spanish more and just being around it is helping quite a bit. It's is okay to have a cheat day every once in a while that what a lot of people do. I want your cinnamon roll's now. So the cats sound normal that's good Peeps is getting enough food and rest right mother? I have no idea where I will be eating for Thanksgiving but I bet it will be good no doubt about that. Transfer details not very much Elder Blanco is a chef and likes to cook and bake so that could be nice if he cooks at all. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Getting Transferred.

I don't need to eat any more mother I'll tell you that. We get fed enough here. But I am super tired all them time even while I am writing you this email my eyes are drooping haha. I'm not doing an Austin at least I don't think I am haha. This is transfer week for me we find out on Tuesday so that's Exciting. I don't really know what is happening but I have a feeling that our area is going to be White Washed soon. At least it wouldn't surprise me at all.
 I wish I could help Addi but I know that the Lord has something in store for her and her family. Every soul is precious in the eyes of the Lord. 
Right know I need a good pair of gloves and maybe a scarf. It got really cold out of no where here. It went form the 70's to 14 degrees in a week. WHAT"S UP WITH THAT? haha. 
The reactivation is going good for the total of this transfer we reactivated 8 people. The ward is getting a lot bigger. And I mean when I first came in we were barely hitting 100 and now we are over 120 every week. V is golden she went and did baptism's for the dead this last Wednesday. It was a good experience. 
We are planning on going over to the Leon's for Thanksgiving but we will most likely stop by quite a few houses there. Oh I wish I could eat there food I really miss southern home cooked meals. The Utah food is okay, it needs more spice.  
I bet Primary is way more interesting I bet you get some good stories in there.
But it truly does make me sad when I see one of my brothers or sister reject to hear this message. I brings me so much happiness and I know that it can bless them. I'm just worried for the people. But recently I have felt something has been missing from our work recently. I don't know what it is but I am earnestly praying for the Lords help so that he me help us. But one thing that I learned in my study this week is that he really does love us. He is our father he knew us before we came to this Earth and he loves us all equally. I have been struggling to find out how it is that he can have an infinite love for us.  And then I thought of my father I can't even begin to comprehend the love that he has for me but I know that he does by the way that he shows it to me. How much more must our heavenly father love us. It truly is amazing. But I have struggled to understand why does he love me. I have had that question for a while and I am still working on solving it. But as I have been out here I have realized he does listen to our prayers and that is one of the many ways that he shows his love for us. That and humbling us we we need it. I still want to learn about this. I love you mother and all of our family.
Have a good week
Elder Montgomery 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Stake Swap and a New Suit and Shoes

Oh good what was your favorite video that you liked. Oh exercise is so difficult in the mission but one of our members is a personal trainer and he want's to try a program out on us for about a month so we are going to start doing that with him. The weather is warmer here that it is in Georgia right now. There is snow on the mountain right now but not that much. My companion is good we get along I still miss elder Tamacas I saw him last Monday and gave him a huge hug and it was pretty funny. Seriously Austin's been home for 2 months he needs to get back out. You had better not get rid of Buddy not until I get home because I love him, but I would rather have Peeps than Buddy. Make sure she works out and gets plenty of food and keep her Healthy. I love you have a great week and send me my memory card back soon 
Su favorito hijo,
Elder Montgomery 

Stake Swap and a new suit and shoes. Oh I didn't swap anything, I got the suit and everything for free the suit is almost custom fit, but it needs to be a little longer in the legs and arms just a tad. I need a tailor for it.  I also tpok a bunch of Hawaiian shirts too. I love those shirts. You can download it onto the computer if you want I don't care just leave me some pictures on it.  That honestly doesn't surprise me that Katie asked that about "how is Nick Saban?" but wow. Yeah the Leon's showed me some pictures of that. Hey I had a dream that you were pregnant with TWINS and that Austin is coming to my mission. Yeah there is some snow here but it's only on the Mountains. We just stopped by the Leon's yesterday for some meatloaf. They do feed us quite a bit.  The reactivation is going really well they ward is growing a lot bigger since we have started doing that. MATT IS ENGAGED!!!!!! Did he bring her home yet have you met her? 

Have a good week,
Elder M

Oct. 27th, 2014

Searching for ward members is going well. We are reactivating a lot of families right now but we can't seem to find any new people right now. All of them don't seem to want to progress. They all have a lack of desire to press forward in the Gospel. And the church is not for lazy people hopefully they will get over that hump. I've known where everyone is at and it really helps that Utah has a grid system here. It makes finding places way easier. The best food that I have ever been fed is Pupusas from El Salvador. Seriously if you can find someone that can make it have them teach you because they are some of the best things in the world. Favorite desert um I don't really know probably tres leche cake. I doubt that it is better than Sister Leon's tres leche, because even in the Spanish ward they say that her's is the best. 
They do quite a bit of booing here. It's weird though we ask people if they know their neighbors and if they are across the street and in another ward they have no clue who they are. It is true about missionaries drinking caffiene. President doesn't have any problem with it, it's just that people would always call him asking if the missionaries can have caffeine. You know Utah being Utah making sure that they are in our business. Shouldn't they be finding us investigators instead.
Yes thank you for the package everything was needed in there so it was perfectly timed. I will be sending you a letter today and it will have my sim card in it so please tell me if you get it. I get to the office maybe once or twice a transfer I don't really know. We get together as a district every p-day but usually it's not that fun to be with them because none of them are ballers. This past week was good just hard trying to find new people that want to talk to us but on the bright side I can play dumb when people are talking to me and just keep talking to them.