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Monday, November 3, 2014

Oct. 27th, 2014

Searching for ward members is going well. We are reactivating a lot of families right now but we can't seem to find any new people right now. All of them don't seem to want to progress. They all have a lack of desire to press forward in the Gospel. And the church is not for lazy people hopefully they will get over that hump. I've known where everyone is at and it really helps that Utah has a grid system here. It makes finding places way easier. The best food that I have ever been fed is Pupusas from El Salvador. Seriously if you can find someone that can make it have them teach you because they are some of the best things in the world. Favorite desert um I don't really know probably tres leche cake. I doubt that it is better than Sister Leon's tres leche, because even in the Spanish ward they say that her's is the best. 
They do quite a bit of booing here. It's weird though we ask people if they know their neighbors and if they are across the street and in another ward they have no clue who they are. It is true about missionaries drinking caffiene. President doesn't have any problem with it, it's just that people would always call him asking if the missionaries can have caffeine. You know Utah being Utah making sure that they are in our business. Shouldn't they be finding us investigators instead.
Yes thank you for the package everything was needed in there so it was perfectly timed. I will be sending you a letter today and it will have my sim card in it so please tell me if you get it. I get to the office maybe once or twice a transfer I don't really know. We get together as a district every p-day but usually it's not that fun to be with them because none of them are ballers. This past week was good just hard trying to find new people that want to talk to us but on the bright side I can play dumb when people are talking to me and just keep talking to them. 

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