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Saturday, November 29, 2014

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to be transferred.

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to be transferred. You learn to love the people that you are serving with in that area and they become your family so it was difficult to leave them but I am grateful for this opportunity to grow. I am doing well I am very excited to be in this area. The people are very kind here and I love being on bike. But thank you President for putting me in Riverton I love that area so much and the people. I love Elder Blanco he has already taught me quite a few things in this short amount of time we have been together. I learned in study's this week about obedience. So I was studying the topic of obedience and as I opened Preach My Gospel I saw the picture of the tree of life. And as soon as I saw that picture a bunch of dot's just connected. Many of us are on the path to the tree of life and are holding on to the rode. As missionaries we are asked to hold even tighter to that rod. Some missionaries are disobedient and let go of the rod that we are supposed t follow and are off on the way side calling those to repentance. That's good and all that they are doing that but as there investigators are following their direction they are not following someone that is holding onto the rod. So what happens to those missionaries and investigators. It is very likely that they will fall along the way side because they were not guided properly. That's not fair to the investigator at all. So we ourselves must be obedient in order to give guidance and direction to others. 

 My new companion is Elder Blanco he is native speaker and he is a zone leader and I'm his companion it's cool and strange at the same time. We are living in a members house she a really nice old lady. I do get to speak Spanish more and just being around it is helping quite a bit. It's is okay to have a cheat day every once in a while that what a lot of people do. I want your cinnamon roll's now. So the cats sound normal that's good Peeps is getting enough food and rest right mother? I have no idea where I will be eating for Thanksgiving but I bet it will be good no doubt about that. Transfer details not very much Elder Blanco is a chef and likes to cook and bake so that could be nice if he cooks at all. 

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