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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mormon Missionaries, What You Need to Know!

Not like the South that is for Dang Sure.

Pioneer Day was just another day here in the mission field. A lot of people celebrated it but the missionaries treat it like any other day. We live in an old members basement and he is freaking awesome. The weather is dry but I still don't need chapstick. The spanish is coming not too fast but it is coming. We teach in English occasionally. Nope none of that yet but the food here is great but latinos eat a lot healthier than most people do in general so I don't think that I will get fat. I ride my bike everyday and the car as well. I like that everyone here is nice but nobody in Utah seems to know their neighbors so it's kind of annoying when we are tracking and we ask if they know anyone around and they have no clue. Not like the South that is for dang sure. I freaking love my companion he's AWESOME!! 
Con amor
 Elder Montgomery

Oh the message for this week is patience. Patience is an attribute of Christ that we must all be working on. I personally struggle with it but I know that the Lord is trying to teach it to me right now. But once we learn patience I believe that a lot of the other attributes of Christ will become easier to gain. But having patience will also give us gratitude because we will see the hand of God in our lives even more. We will see just a little bit of how God works but having patience will also bless you in other ways. It will bless you family in so many ways I can't even tell you but I know that patience is a very important Christ like attribute to have. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Alive and Well in Riverton Utah

 What city do you live and serve in? I am in Riverton and Bluffdale

Are you in a Spanish ward? I am in the Riverton 22nd Spanish ward.

Are you on a bike, car or walking? I do all three

Who is your comp and where is he from? Elder T. is from California by way of El Salvador

Did you get your suitcase and your big package? Yes I did. Thank you.

Do you live in a members home? We do. Most missionaries around here do.

Are you being fed? Everyday
Do you cover a ward or a stake? I cover 8 Stakes.

Any baptisms haha?? LOL. Not yet.

I love Peeps sooooo much oh we saw a kitten yesterday just outside so we picked it up and loved on it. My address will be the mission address. We don't use our physical address like Austin's mission does. So write to me at the address posted on the blog.
Yeah time does fly I hit two months in two weeks from today. I love my companion his name is Elder T he is a native Spanish speaker but he also speaks really good English. I do speak Spanish but I can't understand it at all. Um so we had church yesterday... I didn't understand anything haha but elder T says that my Spanish has already improved with in the past few days. The mission president is amazing I love him so much. He is a lot like you dad but a little more spiritual. The members love me and can you believe it I'm the tallest person in the ward. Elder T says my problem is that I say my Spanish like I would in English but in reality it should be vice versa so I need reverse the way I say things. 
People pay for my food here you don't even know how weird that is and to be surrounded my Mormons too. It is awesome. 
 Yeah I guess I think I might be growing because my knees hurt quite a bit. 

So Ill give you the spiritual message ! In my morning study today I was studying on the Holy Ghost. And I was reading in the Ensign and the scriptures and this is what I found out. We must always be striving to look for the guidance of the Holy Ghost in our lives.  Even if we can not see it always be looking for it because I promise that it is there. But you must also be living and following the commandments that God has given us. Even though we say the spirit is a still small voice most people receive a feeling of peace or warmth. God does answer our questions if we ask with sincere intent. We just have to have our lives in line with the gospel so that we can be guided by the Holy Ghost. I know that this is true. I have nothing else to say other than I love you guys and have a good week
Con Amor,
Elder Montgomery

Pres. and Sis. Chambers with Elder Montgomery (mission Pres.)

The missionaries that arrived in the mission with Elder Montgomery. Three only came from the Mexico CCM.

 And of course goofing off with his comp. Elder T. You have to know that Zach is THRILLED to get shaved ice. It is one of his favorites!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Missionaries who are going to the CCM Advice

Okay so the message for this week is praying with real intent and also praying and being very specific. Our Heavenly Father loves us more than we can even imagine, and he wants to hear from us each day all the time. He wants to hear about our problems and our needs each day. So why is it that most people don't pray with real sincerity? He is our father and just like Padre want's to hear from me each week so does our Father in Heaven. Praying is a sacred thing that we do to communicate with God. You should give an account of your day to him and give thanks for all of the many blessings that he has given you in your life. Next you should pray for things that you may need in your life. But don't be causal about it. You should pray as specific as you can. For example there were these missionaries that got locked out of there apartment and they had a appointment in half an hour. The front desk was closed and there was nobody in there. They then said a prayer to our Heavenly Father asking for a miracle that they could some how get back into their apartment. In the prayer it went kind of like this Dear Heavenly Father we are having a little it of a problem right now and we are locked out of our apartment. If we talk to everyone on the way back to our apartment can you please some how bless us so that we might be able to get into our apartment. They said amen and began walking back to their apartment. The first guy they said hi to nothing and the second guy as well. They were then walking past some children and kept walking but the spirit reminded them to talk to everybody. One of the kids was of the lady that works at the front desk and they got back into their apartment. This shows the importance of saying specific prayers. God will bless us if we have faith that he will but without faith nothing is possible. 

Oh for those new missionaries who are going to the CCM. The teachers here a really awesome. It gets kind of cold at night so brings a hoodie to sleep in or something. It is also colder than you think. The food is decent here but not great. Oh and speak to all the Latinos that you see so that you can practice your language. Become friends with the workers at the CCM . Contrary to popular myth, you don't get to leave the CCM to go out and proselyte in the streets.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I have made really good friends with the people that work in the cafeteria

Honestly the Fourth of July here was the best day that I have ever had in the CCM. We never have american food and when I say that I mean NEVER. But the Latino workers tried really hard to make it a special lunch for us and they did a fantastic job. We had fries and bbq and apple pie with icecream. I love that so much. So I have made really good friends with the people that work in the cafeteria if you Know what I mean haha. Tell Ben that he will get fat if he eats there.Oh and by being here I'm pretty sure that I have lost weight. You don't even know how pumped I am to leave this place. I am sick of this place literally haha there was an intestinal virus going around. It got completely around the CCM so that was no fun.
 So you made my room into a closet? Please send me more pictures so that I can see it better than the one. I will try to call you but I honestly don't know how to work the phone card so if that doesn't work I will try and call from a pay phone. I'll probably call around 12 your time or 11 who knows but all I want right now is TACO BELL. I want fake mexican food real bad. In the new package can you send my yellow stereo. We can listen to music but it has to be out loud so instead of buy some new speakers could you send that please? and one more pair of shorts and shirts.
 The message for today is the gift of tongues is totally real. There is absolutely no way that I could  teach lessons in Spanish without the gift because I know no Spanish at all haha. But in order to receive this blessing or any other blessing of the spirit we must be worthy. We have to always be repenting and be looking for promptings of the spirit. You must also be humble to receive the blessings. Recognizing that you can't do it without Heavenly fathers help.  
Con amor,
Elder Montgomery

-I have been pretty good but I don't really have anything to say this week. I really want to leave really really bad. Being zone leader is a lot of work. It is literally like babysitting almost.  Okay the time frame is from 8 45 to 11 something in my time sorry I don't have much to say today haha
But I love you 
Con amor
Elder Montgomery

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I was Made Zone Leader Last Sunday, so Wish me Luck with That.

I will be calling home from the airport most likely in Dallas though. Well when you know when Mexico score a a goal that's is for sure. My Spanish is coming not much I can say about it.   So this week was great. I got a stain on my shirt four days in a row. The last one a bird pooped on me so I was not happy about that. 
So the message this week is the important of repentance. Repentance can be a hard thing and Satan wants us to feel like we are not worthy to repent. But all those who are reading get those thoughts out of your head because Jesus and our Heavenly Father want us to repent. Jesus died for us so that we could repent and come back to out father in Heaven. So why would we not partake in one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. I know that it may be hard but do all that you can to repent because It may be hard at first but when the whole process is over it feels like the biggest burden has been lifted off of your shoulders. Nothing else I can think of other than I was made Zone leader last Sunday so wish me luck with that. My teacher said that he thinks my whole district is ready for the field. We all can talk pretty well so that's is good. I must go but 
Con Amor,
Elder Montgomery 

To Padre:
Things are great I miss you guys (specifically Katie) but that is because she is special to me. My Spanish is improving. Both of my teachers say that I am ready for the field which I'm excited about because I am ready to preach.  I will just be sad to leave my district. I was made Zone leader on Sunday. I have learned so much about the gospel you don't even know. I would love to be in Salt Lake. I had a dream that I was on the plane there and I was so stoked. I promise I had written Montele the first week I guess he must not have gotten it. I can almost hold a hand stand for quite some time now. I can walk on my hands now the no dunking rule is killing me so much you don't even know.
Con Amor
Elder Montgomery