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Friday, September 26, 2014

Yo estoy casi cuatro meses en el campo de mi mission.

The weather is a pain but Yesterday it cooled it down quite a bit so I really enjoyed that. I love the fall. That is sooooo true Mom. I won't have to rake leaves because there are practically no trees here. I see that Utah and BYU football is doing quite well this year. I get a lot of updates from everyone. No surprise about that.  You took down the what? The plywood and wallpaper. I can't even remember what that is haha. But that's great that you guys are getting it done. (ready to move more like it). That sounds nice what was your topic on? Yeah I wing just about all of my talks unless I have to do them in Spanish then I need to prepare something or it won't make any sense. It depends we are trying to get tickets to General Conference, but we can only go if we bring an investigator, which we have by the way. And we have a BAPTISM this week on the 27th I will send pictures when I get them. 
The temple was really nice. The Draper temple is bigger than Atlanta, but not that much.  Yo estoy casi cuatro meses en el campo de mi mission. Oh and I met Nathan Osmond yesterday. go figure only in Utah do you meet a bunch of people. 
I had an amazing week. I loved the opportunity that we had to go to the Ogden temple rededication. I loved what President Thomas S. Monson said. Admire the temple, love the temple, and attend the temple. I thought that those were amazing words the spirit was super thick there. It really struck me and now I really would like to do my family history work right now so that I can be sealed to those before me. But I was studying the importance of Adam this week. I hadn't really put much thought to him before. I knew that he was apart of the Plan of Salvation but I didn't really comprehend what his purpose was or how important he really is. I have found a new respect for Adam now and an even deeper love for the Savior and his Atonement. I really am grateful for the Atonement as I see it change the lives of our investigators it strengthens my love for it. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dad Tell Me About Your Conversion

My talks both went fine. I was told that everyone understood me so that's nice. I ended up with two talks because I cover 8 stakes and there is about 8 wards in each stake so I have lots of wards that I can give talks in. My total for talks now is 3. That is more than you have given in your life time haha. It was two separate but it wasn't very hard to give them. Well at least not in English it's not. You got that picture last Sunday right. Mom knows the Sister that took and sent it. I haven't been yet, I go to the temple today. I'm sure I eat more Healthy as well but that is because I need to watch my weight but I'm getting a lot of muscle in the shoulder and arm area oh and abs as well. I try and keep in touch with the guys but they are busy right now and Dalton still hasn't emailed me back yet. I need you to do something for me. Tell me about your conversion in the most detail that you can remember and the Elders names. Also tell me how you and mother met I don't really know or remember.
Have a good Week and I love you
Elder Montgomery 

My past week was good. V is still on date for the 27th so that's exciting. I do live in his basement. I don't have a kitchen. I have run into people that know y'all and my friend but that's it. My talks went well both were about 14 mins. I am only fed by the Spanish members. Members do both only occasionally buy us lunch and pay for our groceries though. It is awesome!  I have met a 70 and plenty of translators for the Apostles, but no apostles yet. So I would like to share that when you are obedient the spirit will be with you always. I have learned this on my mission because if I wasn't obedient I wouldn't have been able to give my talk in Spanish. But It's wonderful out here.
Have a great Week
elder montgomery 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Week has been AMAZING!!!

 I am going to the temple next week. So my P-day will be Tuesday. Any names you want me to do? That is great that you are going to the temple though. I wish I could go at least once a week.
We picked up two new investigators this week. Both of them are super solid. We were going by some less active houses and the Mom opened the door and said I want you to teach my daughter. V is her name she has come to church twice now and is reading the BOM and she really likes the idea of eternal families. There is also J who is her cousin. Both of them are from Honduras. Both are very solid and so far neither of them have any concerns. We took them to temple square yesterday. It was gorgeous. I want to be sealed in the SLC temple now or San Diego, either one would be great. But we taught them the plan of salvation yesterday at temple square and the spirit was so thick. It really solidified the both of them. She is excited for her baptism now. Her's is on the 27th and his is on the 28th.  I love these guys so much. I love seeing how the gospel is blessing their lives. Pray that they keep strong please. I would call his mom but I am literally filled up for every day each day of the month so I will call her when we have an opening but I told Elder B to tell his mom that. 
I played basketball with the investigator(actor) from the Best Two Years movie last P-day. He's almost my height and he's pretty good. But he is the Bishop of the YSA ward. There are 25 sets of Spanish missionaries, I think not sure though. Well I am in Spanish assignment so there aren't as many Latino members. 
I did and thank you for the package I loved it and did you tell Aunt Adie and Papa Steve that I said thank you because I don't have their email address. But I loved the letter that you guys sent I will be sending another letter soon probably 2 to 3 weeks. So people say the Spanish is coming, but ehh I don't know. But I do have a talk in the Spanish ward this week... That should be fun. 
My message this week is listen to the small promptings of the Holy Ghost. Most of the time as missionaries we don't really realize that we are being prompted to go and do something or go and talk to someone we just do it. But the way we found V was by knocking on a member's house and asking for referrals. She told us that she wasn't sure the family across the street was members. Well we both already knew the family and they are less active( about to be reactivated) so we didn't really feel like going by. But then we thought about it for a few seconds and we thought to ourselves we should go see them (it was 9 so we were going home). So we stop by and V's mom is there and tell us that she wan't us to teach here Daughter. And I know that this was a small prompting because we were supposed to be at home at 9 and we just decided to knock this last door and now we have to amazing people that we are teaching. I know that if we follow the guidance of the Holy Ghost we will never become lost. We must always be worthy to have the Holy Ghost to guide us. 
Have a good week
Con amor
Elder Montgomery 

Friday, September 5, 2014

We Live in House that is very Similar to Papa Steve's House.

We are both still here. This week was good we don't have anyone progressing or new or lessons but it's all good it will come eventually. Fun things? Hmm nothing just doing the Lords work I work out twice a day though I don't want to get fat, but I'm still gaining weight. I'm almost positive it's not fat I'm gaining all the muscle back from surgery and the weight loss in the CCM and I'm getting even broader go figure. Taco time ruins the stomach mother!  haha! I'm trying to eat really healthy. I'm turning into father, eating oatmeal and fruit and healthy bread. Are you kidding me that's NOT FAIR that's the reason he was sent home for sure to baptize those two little kids. So the house we live in is very similar to Papa Steve's house. It even smells and looks (house and yard) like it too. Please send me videos of Katie I would love to see how she is doing. How about if I send you a sim card you send me yours full of videos of Katie spiking or blocking as well as Mad-I too. She has she gotten even better. Does she hit harder than me yet?
I gave a talk yesterday on the 5th article of faith. It went well, I think. Everyone after ward came up to us and told us that we were inspired as we gave our talks. But what I learned as I studied this article of faith was that all of us have been called to do the Lord's work.  It doesn't matter if you are bishop or a teacher in Sunday school. Whatever calling you have been called to do, do it with all of your diligence, because when we do this we will then be exalted. We will be judged according to our works, so if we give it our all we will all be okay. The bishop has the keys and authority to receive revelation for the ward and to call members to callings. And because of this when we get our callings we should look at it as the Lord calling us because He has. It's through the Bishop that this happens. And also all of those who have entered into the baptisimal covenant has covenanted to to missionary work. yeah those are my thoughts for the week
Con amor
elder Montgomery 
tell papa Steve and aunt Adie thank you please