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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dad Tell Me About Your Conversion

My talks both went fine. I was told that everyone understood me so that's nice. I ended up with two talks because I cover 8 stakes and there is about 8 wards in each stake so I have lots of wards that I can give talks in. My total for talks now is 3. That is more than you have given in your life time haha. It was two separate but it wasn't very hard to give them. Well at least not in English it's not. You got that picture last Sunday right. Mom knows the Sister that took and sent it. I haven't been yet, I go to the temple today. I'm sure I eat more Healthy as well but that is because I need to watch my weight but I'm getting a lot of muscle in the shoulder and arm area oh and abs as well. I try and keep in touch with the guys but they are busy right now and Dalton still hasn't emailed me back yet. I need you to do something for me. Tell me about your conversion in the most detail that you can remember and the Elders names. Also tell me how you and mother met I don't really know or remember.
Have a good Week and I love you
Elder Montgomery 

My past week was good. V is still on date for the 27th so that's exciting. I do live in his basement. I don't have a kitchen. I have run into people that know y'all and my friend but that's it. My talks went well both were about 14 mins. I am only fed by the Spanish members. Members do both only occasionally buy us lunch and pay for our groceries though. It is awesome!  I have met a 70 and plenty of translators for the Apostles, but no apostles yet. So I would like to share that when you are obedient the spirit will be with you always. I have learned this on my mission because if I wasn't obedient I wouldn't have been able to give my talk in Spanish. But It's wonderful out here.
Have a great Week
elder montgomery 

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