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Friday, September 26, 2014

Yo estoy casi cuatro meses en el campo de mi mission.

The weather is a pain but Yesterday it cooled it down quite a bit so I really enjoyed that. I love the fall. That is sooooo true Mom. I won't have to rake leaves because there are practically no trees here. I see that Utah and BYU football is doing quite well this year. I get a lot of updates from everyone. No surprise about that.  You took down the what? The plywood and wallpaper. I can't even remember what that is haha. But that's great that you guys are getting it done. (ready to move more like it). That sounds nice what was your topic on? Yeah I wing just about all of my talks unless I have to do them in Spanish then I need to prepare something or it won't make any sense. It depends we are trying to get tickets to General Conference, but we can only go if we bring an investigator, which we have by the way. And we have a BAPTISM this week on the 27th I will send pictures when I get them. 
The temple was really nice. The Draper temple is bigger than Atlanta, but not that much.  Yo estoy casi cuatro meses en el campo de mi mission. Oh and I met Nathan Osmond yesterday. go figure only in Utah do you meet a bunch of people. 
I had an amazing week. I loved the opportunity that we had to go to the Ogden temple rededication. I loved what President Thomas S. Monson said. Admire the temple, love the temple, and attend the temple. I thought that those were amazing words the spirit was super thick there. It really struck me and now I really would like to do my family history work right now so that I can be sealed to those before me. But I was studying the importance of Adam this week. I hadn't really put much thought to him before. I knew that he was apart of the Plan of Salvation but I didn't really comprehend what his purpose was or how important he really is. I have found a new respect for Adam now and an even deeper love for the Savior and his Atonement. I really am grateful for the Atonement as I see it change the lives of our investigators it strengthens my love for it. 

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