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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Ghetto is a Paradise for a Missionary

It's about time that he got back out in the field he has been home for to long now. Mother being in the Ghetto is a paradise for a missionary but it is nice to be in nice areas not going to lie. So we helped our Land Lord put up her Christmas tree and we decorated it. We did it as a service for he because she was having a hard time with it. It's just a little one but still I love it. We do live in an elderly sisters basement and it is just the two of us down there. Yeah that is one of the things I think is a little annoying about being in one of the Salt Lake Missions is that we all have our mail sent to the mission office and the Zone Leaders go and pick it up. My companion is from North Carolina and mother let me tell you being with him my Southern accent is finally coming out and it's not on purpose either haha the sad thing is that we know for a fact that one of us is being transferred in a couple days.  President is putting all of the Zone leaders back together this next transfer and he said he is going to have me lead an area and put me with an Elder that is struggling. SO this should be a different transfer. I haven't been to Temple Square yet you have to bring an investigator to go. That would have been great if I ran into Aunt Adie and her crew though. It did snow yesterday but it has all melted and it's bare again. Kind of sad really in my opinion. I am being fed well no need to worry about me mother I won't turn into Austin. Um it has happened to me but not in the street more like in Restaurants and stores does that happen but it doesn't happen all that often. Mother I will be sending a letter out today I promise and It will be two pages long at least so don't worry. Excellent win for Utah. That's great to hear that both sports teams are doing well. So what's going on right now hmmm well transfers are this Wed. We had interviews with president this last Thursday and they went well. I enjoyed it. Um we bike a lot and I love it and I don't because of the wind mainly. We don't have a mission Christmas party we are going to have a devotional though. U'm I don't speak to them very often at all but I email President every week. Well I found out Elder Maruyama is literally in the zone right next to mine. He's in the west and I'm right next to him and I ran into missionary's that know him so that's COOL. Have a good week I'll right you a spiritual message in the letter I send you. Love you
Elder Montgomery 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I love riding my bike

Sounds good it's about time that he got back out but Austin is still way to skinny in my opinion.So how is Miss Terri and Mr. Rick. Are they doing well? You were offered a full time job where the same place that you are working at or what? Yeah bills are no fun to pay mother I just haven't payed any yet. 
 So this past week we had quite a few miracles. We found 4 new investigators and put them all on date for the 28th of December so it looks like it is going to be a white Christmas haha. The work is good in the "Ghetto" (they don't know what the hood is) I'm not even in Kearns I am in Taylorsville so yeah. It's the nicest part of the Kearns zone's. A lot of people feed me but we get a lot of tacos and rice and beans no surprise there. I am losing weight right now too. 
The weather is in the 60s and 50s right now is it's pretty nice but I hope it snow's soon. I love riding my bike. I went from covering 8 stakes to 1 so it's fun my area is pretty small now. 
You should leave all of the Christmas stuff up until I get home.  
Nothing much going on but transfers are next week. every mission has to have a 4 week transfer now because of the age change so that is this week and the transfer after is an 8 week one now. 
So what days are you going to be working now and how long. Mother you really shouldn't try and catch a hot pan that doesn't work out very well. You should use oven mitts next time. How is the Lakeview basketball team doing?
Love you too,
Elder Montgomery 

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Home that is Centered on Christ will Never Fail.

DID I GET FED MOTHER? Of course I did we had THREE DINNER'S on Thanksgiving. I just felt like I was going to blow up and die because of all the food we were fed haha. I missed going to Uncle Ray's house as well I love the food there and getting to talk to the family. Father's family sure is funny. So Thanksgiving day we were told that we could not proselyte so we went out and stayed with members or at least that is what we planned on doing. Instead we stayed at a members house for quite some time helping keep their marriage together(I'll tell you more later in the letter). That's going to be great going back to the old ward building it's not that much farther and I like it there more the only sad thing is a lot of my friends go to that building. Are you serious we still haven't heard anything from SLC and about Austin oh well. Is Alabama really good at Volleyball or something Mother I don't really know where are they ranked in the nation? We know UCLA is for sure.The Old Navy stuff is doing great especially since we are only on bike's and walking. The wind here is brutal but other than that I think Georgia is colder feeling. 
 The new area is good I really enjoy it here and I get to use Spanish more here than I did in Riverton. We actually get fed with the other Elder's so no need to worry about that. We live with Sister K she is 80 yrs old and has a chocolate lab named Hershey who is 15.There is no need to shovel her side walk because there is now snow here right now at all. It really is kind of sad. We right now are teaching M and K he is 13 and she is 14. We also have a potential family we are hoping to catch this week because they seemed really interested when we talked about the plan of Salvation to them. He doesn't really like to exercise that much. So going back to that thing that happened on Thanksgiving. We got a call from one of our families and 11:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving day and told us there were some issues. so we told them to hold on. So we hopped on our bikes and got over there as fast as we could. When they let us in the place was just trashed he wife was throwing a fit and he was packing up his stuff and about to leave. So we get them into the living room and we just sat down and listened to everything. Not going to lie it was a little scary but Elder B and I listened and when the time came we talked to them. The Spirit just confirmed all of the things that we were telling them. And a huge peace just came down over the room and all the tension just left right there. We got down to the the point and found out they hadn't been doing their scripture study or their prayer as a family or by themselves. I cannot stress the importance of how it important it is to do these thing's as a family. A home that is centered on Christ will never fail. So that is what we taught them. So I promise that if we do these thing pray read and go to church with earnest intent and as a family we do these things your lives will be more peaceful and your home will become a house of refuge. The home should be the next closest thing to the Temple and if you don't have the spirit in it, it will be much harder to keep a family together. I love you guys have a great week
Con amor,
Elder Montgomery 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to be transferred.

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to be transferred. You learn to love the people that you are serving with in that area and they become your family so it was difficult to leave them but I am grateful for this opportunity to grow. I am doing well I am very excited to be in this area. The people are very kind here and I love being on bike. But thank you President for putting me in Riverton I love that area so much and the people. I love Elder Blanco he has already taught me quite a few things in this short amount of time we have been together. I learned in study's this week about obedience. So I was studying the topic of obedience and as I opened Preach My Gospel I saw the picture of the tree of life. And as soon as I saw that picture a bunch of dot's just connected. Many of us are on the path to the tree of life and are holding on to the rode. As missionaries we are asked to hold even tighter to that rod. Some missionaries are disobedient and let go of the rod that we are supposed t follow and are off on the way side calling those to repentance. That's good and all that they are doing that but as there investigators are following their direction they are not following someone that is holding onto the rod. So what happens to those missionaries and investigators. It is very likely that they will fall along the way side because they were not guided properly. That's not fair to the investigator at all. So we ourselves must be obedient in order to give guidance and direction to others. 

 My new companion is Elder Blanco he is native speaker and he is a zone leader and I'm his companion it's cool and strange at the same time. We are living in a members house she a really nice old lady. I do get to speak Spanish more and just being around it is helping quite a bit. It's is okay to have a cheat day every once in a while that what a lot of people do. I want your cinnamon roll's now. So the cats sound normal that's good Peeps is getting enough food and rest right mother? I have no idea where I will be eating for Thanksgiving but I bet it will be good no doubt about that. Transfer details not very much Elder Blanco is a chef and likes to cook and bake so that could be nice if he cooks at all. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Getting Transferred.

I don't need to eat any more mother I'll tell you that. We get fed enough here. But I am super tired all them time even while I am writing you this email my eyes are drooping haha. I'm not doing an Austin at least I don't think I am haha. This is transfer week for me we find out on Tuesday so that's Exciting. I don't really know what is happening but I have a feeling that our area is going to be White Washed soon. At least it wouldn't surprise me at all.
 I wish I could help Addi but I know that the Lord has something in store for her and her family. Every soul is precious in the eyes of the Lord. 
Right know I need a good pair of gloves and maybe a scarf. It got really cold out of no where here. It went form the 70's to 14 degrees in a week. WHAT"S UP WITH THAT? haha. 
The reactivation is going good for the total of this transfer we reactivated 8 people. The ward is getting a lot bigger. And I mean when I first came in we were barely hitting 100 and now we are over 120 every week. V is golden she went and did baptism's for the dead this last Wednesday. It was a good experience. 
We are planning on going over to the Leon's for Thanksgiving but we will most likely stop by quite a few houses there. Oh I wish I could eat there food I really miss southern home cooked meals. The Utah food is okay, it needs more spice.  
I bet Primary is way more interesting I bet you get some good stories in there.
But it truly does make me sad when I see one of my brothers or sister reject to hear this message. I brings me so much happiness and I know that it can bless them. I'm just worried for the people. But recently I have felt something has been missing from our work recently. I don't know what it is but I am earnestly praying for the Lords help so that he me help us. But one thing that I learned in my study this week is that he really does love us. He is our father he knew us before we came to this Earth and he loves us all equally. I have been struggling to find out how it is that he can have an infinite love for us.  And then I thought of my father I can't even begin to comprehend the love that he has for me but I know that he does by the way that he shows it to me. How much more must our heavenly father love us. It truly is amazing. But I have struggled to understand why does he love me. I have had that question for a while and I am still working on solving it. But as I have been out here I have realized he does listen to our prayers and that is one of the many ways that he shows his love for us. That and humbling us we we need it. I still want to learn about this. I love you mother and all of our family.
Have a good week
Elder Montgomery 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Stake Swap and a New Suit and Shoes

Oh good what was your favorite video that you liked. Oh exercise is so difficult in the mission but one of our members is a personal trainer and he want's to try a program out on us for about a month so we are going to start doing that with him. The weather is warmer here that it is in Georgia right now. There is snow on the mountain right now but not that much. My companion is good we get along I still miss elder Tamacas I saw him last Monday and gave him a huge hug and it was pretty funny. Seriously Austin's been home for 2 months he needs to get back out. You had better not get rid of Buddy not until I get home because I love him, but I would rather have Peeps than Buddy. Make sure she works out and gets plenty of food and keep her Healthy. I love you have a great week and send me my memory card back soon 
Su favorito hijo,
Elder Montgomery 

Stake Swap and a new suit and shoes. Oh I didn't swap anything, I got the suit and everything for free the suit is almost custom fit, but it needs to be a little longer in the legs and arms just a tad. I need a tailor for it.  I also tpok a bunch of Hawaiian shirts too. I love those shirts. You can download it onto the computer if you want I don't care just leave me some pictures on it.  That honestly doesn't surprise me that Katie asked that about "how is Nick Saban?" but wow. Yeah the Leon's showed me some pictures of that. Hey I had a dream that you were pregnant with TWINS and that Austin is coming to my mission. Yeah there is some snow here but it's only on the Mountains. We just stopped by the Leon's yesterday for some meatloaf. They do feed us quite a bit.  The reactivation is going really well they ward is growing a lot bigger since we have started doing that. MATT IS ENGAGED!!!!!! Did he bring her home yet have you met her? 

Have a good week,
Elder M

Oct. 27th, 2014

Searching for ward members is going well. We are reactivating a lot of families right now but we can't seem to find any new people right now. All of them don't seem to want to progress. They all have a lack of desire to press forward in the Gospel. And the church is not for lazy people hopefully they will get over that hump. I've known where everyone is at and it really helps that Utah has a grid system here. It makes finding places way easier. The best food that I have ever been fed is Pupusas from El Salvador. Seriously if you can find someone that can make it have them teach you because they are some of the best things in the world. Favorite desert um I don't really know probably tres leche cake. I doubt that it is better than Sister Leon's tres leche, because even in the Spanish ward they say that her's is the best. 
They do quite a bit of booing here. It's weird though we ask people if they know their neighbors and if they are across the street and in another ward they have no clue who they are. It is true about missionaries drinking caffiene. President doesn't have any problem with it, it's just that people would always call him asking if the missionaries can have caffeine. You know Utah being Utah making sure that they are in our business. Shouldn't they be finding us investigators instead.
Yes thank you for the package everything was needed in there so it was perfectly timed. I will be sending you a letter today and it will have my sim card in it so please tell me if you get it. I get to the office maybe once or twice a transfer I don't really know. We get together as a district every p-day but usually it's not that fun to be with them because none of them are ballers. This past week was good just hard trying to find new people that want to talk to us but on the bright side I can play dumb when people are talking to me and just keep talking to them. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

less active work in the area.

I am doing great so far. We are beginning to do a lot of less active work in the area. The Bishop wasn't sure how many people in the area are actually still in the area so we are going to help him out by finding out if they live in the area. But so far it's working out great the Less active's we have found have kids that aren't baptized.  So yesterday we finally got in contact with this Less active lady that we had been going by. We have been trying to go by them for a month and we finally got in contact with them she has two son's that aren't baptized and she wants us to come by today. She is super happy to have us come by today. I think it's amazing how well she responded to us.  I learned about repentance and the Atonement. But also about the enabling power of the Atonement. 
The area is good we do tracting all day everyday but our efforts will pay off soon enough. No investigators yet but like I said we are looking for people to teach they are just really good at hiding haha so right now we are just doing a lot of less active work helping the Bishop out.  I bet Austin if just living it up on Ted's couch in the basement. I think that it might be here but I'm not sure I find out around 1 if your package got here or not. I don't have any pictures to send I'm in the same area and nothing has changed but you do get pictures from the L's right? 
Have a good week mother
Con amor 
Elder Montgomery 

October 13th. Did Not Get Transferred.

I didn't get transferred. My new companion is Elder B he has 9 weeks left in the mission so it looks like I am going to be the one that kills him. Elder T went to Kerns and he is now a Zone leader on bike haha. My comp is from Rhode Island he is fluent in Spanish his family is from Guatemala. Nope didn't get to baptize J. The baptism fell through... He was super solid for the whole time that we were teaching him and the day of his Baptism we go by his house and we ask him how he is doing and he straight up says I don't want to get baptized he said that he doesn't believe which is weird because he knew a lot from the scriptures but that was a long day had to cancel a lot of stuff and I was pretty disappointed. We tract so much in this area it's crazy. It's known as the hardest area in the whole mission for Spanish Elders but we are still going strong here.  
You in the Primary Presidency? well that's a change is father still the ward Clerk haha?. NOO NOT ADDI. That's soo sad mother. Where is the cancer at in her body?
I have seen Meet the Mormons and wow that's a great movie when it come's out on DVD can you please send it to me it's fantastic. I do remember the bishop and I swore that I had seen him before now it all makes sense. Well I wont be able to email you if I do get it today but have a great week mother
I love you
Elder Montgomery 
mother do I have to write a spiritual message every week it's hard and yeah haha I love this area but all I can say is don't be complacent with where you are in life you can always become better. That's what I have noticed about the area I am in. It's hard. I come home so tired at night and we tract all day. But it's through these efforts that we will be blessed. But I don't want to be complacent because once you become complacent you stop growing and when you stop growing in the gospel then you start losing the gospel so you can be happy but not complacent. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hey a Movie that you have to see is Meet the Mormons.

Wow Katie must be doing good. Mother I bet you didn't cry but were crazy over some of your bands back in the day.  So the thing out here in Utah is that they don't have conference at the church buildings which is really freaking annoying. Because we can't just take our investigators to a members house, they don't understand English. Elder Bowcutt's brother lives literally 5 minutes away from me but I don't go into his neighborhood much because well there really aren't any Latinos in his area just saying. I have not met his parents yet but I got them in my planner ready to call them if I need anything. My favorite talk might have been from Holland or Bednar both were great talks... Hey a movie that you have to see is Meet the Mormons. We got to see this last week and it's amazing. You will love it and one of the families from it is from Atlanta. He spoke at Austin's seminary graduation. I get fed a lot of Latino food what can I say beans rice arepas. I have had a car for the whole time so far but most Spanish elders do though. It is starting to cool down I had to break out a sweater the other day. No idea about the i pads don't really know just that they will come soon enough.  We are having J's Baptism Sat. Mother most Latinos are small I haven't met a big one yet, so yes I am HUGE compared to them. The reason Shelby get's more letters is because she writes me you guys have two so  far and I email you too. I only write her. 
Love you have a great week
Elder Montgomery 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tres Leche is Now My Favorite Cake

That doesn't surprise me at all but man let me tell you Brother and Sister L can cook. Brother Leon is Mexican and Sister Leon is white as you could probably tell. But She can bake like no other her tres leche cake is literally to die for you would love it. Oh and tres leche is now my favorite cake it's fantastic. I can see why you love it so much.
 Poor Peeps!  is she better?. I love the picture of Peeps a lot and the Gnome. I haven't put it up yet but I have it very close to me. So what exactly are you doing to the Kitchen? What is changing about it? 
The Baptism was AMAZING now I know what everyone was talking about. It is such a great feeling. And I was so happy for V. 
Nope I don't get to go to General Conference this time but most likely next time I can go. I ride my bike evey day but I was told when it gets super cold that I can't ride it. I will most likely need gloves in a month. No wrecks yet but the Utah drivers are AWFUL they run the red lights so much it's crazy. 
Nothing new with me yet but we have two on date for the 11th and 12th both are reading the BOM and have both gone to Church so they are both progressing. Hopefully I stay in this area to see them Baptized. I don't know the names of the food but yeah those Mexican restaurants back home got nothing on this cooking. I am starting to like fry sauce now it's pretty good. 
Love you too
Elder Montgomery

Oh we did and I loved every moment of it. My week was good I'm tired but that is to be expected.  Tell smelly duck to email me he hasn't in about 2 months. And Let me tell you that is all that matters. This is true most of us are just going through the motions and as much as we would like to think that we are progressing we really aren't progressing as fast we should be. The important thing is to remember that the calling you have first is to watch and protect the family to provide for them. Then is your church calling. Your callings are your sacred duty. You have been called of God to be a father (and a good one at that) :) but also as the clerk. When you truly magnify both of these callings then you are beginning to progress.  My week went by pretty quickly can you already believe it it's been about 4 months now and around Christmas it will be about 8 months.
Love you
Elder Montgomery 

Please note in being respectful to others privacy I have shaded out faces.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Yo estoy casi cuatro meses en el campo de mi mission.

The weather is a pain but Yesterday it cooled it down quite a bit so I really enjoyed that. I love the fall. That is sooooo true Mom. I won't have to rake leaves because there are practically no trees here. I see that Utah and BYU football is doing quite well this year. I get a lot of updates from everyone. No surprise about that.  You took down the what? The plywood and wallpaper. I can't even remember what that is haha. But that's great that you guys are getting it done. (ready to move more like it). That sounds nice what was your topic on? Yeah I wing just about all of my talks unless I have to do them in Spanish then I need to prepare something or it won't make any sense. It depends we are trying to get tickets to General Conference, but we can only go if we bring an investigator, which we have by the way. And we have a BAPTISM this week on the 27th I will send pictures when I get them. 
The temple was really nice. The Draper temple is bigger than Atlanta, but not that much.  Yo estoy casi cuatro meses en el campo de mi mission. Oh and I met Nathan Osmond yesterday. go figure only in Utah do you meet a bunch of people. 
I had an amazing week. I loved the opportunity that we had to go to the Ogden temple rededication. I loved what President Thomas S. Monson said. Admire the temple, love the temple, and attend the temple. I thought that those were amazing words the spirit was super thick there. It really struck me and now I really would like to do my family history work right now so that I can be sealed to those before me. But I was studying the importance of Adam this week. I hadn't really put much thought to him before. I knew that he was apart of the Plan of Salvation but I didn't really comprehend what his purpose was or how important he really is. I have found a new respect for Adam now and an even deeper love for the Savior and his Atonement. I really am grateful for the Atonement as I see it change the lives of our investigators it strengthens my love for it. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dad Tell Me About Your Conversion

My talks both went fine. I was told that everyone understood me so that's nice. I ended up with two talks because I cover 8 stakes and there is about 8 wards in each stake so I have lots of wards that I can give talks in. My total for talks now is 3. That is more than you have given in your life time haha. It was two separate but it wasn't very hard to give them. Well at least not in English it's not. You got that picture last Sunday right. Mom knows the Sister that took and sent it. I haven't been yet, I go to the temple today. I'm sure I eat more Healthy as well but that is because I need to watch my weight but I'm getting a lot of muscle in the shoulder and arm area oh and abs as well. I try and keep in touch with the guys but they are busy right now and Dalton still hasn't emailed me back yet. I need you to do something for me. Tell me about your conversion in the most detail that you can remember and the Elders names. Also tell me how you and mother met I don't really know or remember.
Have a good Week and I love you
Elder Montgomery 

My past week was good. V is still on date for the 27th so that's exciting. I do live in his basement. I don't have a kitchen. I have run into people that know y'all and my friend but that's it. My talks went well both were about 14 mins. I am only fed by the Spanish members. Members do both only occasionally buy us lunch and pay for our groceries though. It is awesome!  I have met a 70 and plenty of translators for the Apostles, but no apostles yet. So I would like to share that when you are obedient the spirit will be with you always. I have learned this on my mission because if I wasn't obedient I wouldn't have been able to give my talk in Spanish. But It's wonderful out here.
Have a great Week
elder montgomery 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Week has been AMAZING!!!

 I am going to the temple next week. So my P-day will be Tuesday. Any names you want me to do? That is great that you are going to the temple though. I wish I could go at least once a week.
We picked up two new investigators this week. Both of them are super solid. We were going by some less active houses and the Mom opened the door and said I want you to teach my daughter. V is her name she has come to church twice now and is reading the BOM and she really likes the idea of eternal families. There is also J who is her cousin. Both of them are from Honduras. Both are very solid and so far neither of them have any concerns. We took them to temple square yesterday. It was gorgeous. I want to be sealed in the SLC temple now or San Diego, either one would be great. But we taught them the plan of salvation yesterday at temple square and the spirit was so thick. It really solidified the both of them. She is excited for her baptism now. Her's is on the 27th and his is on the 28th.  I love these guys so much. I love seeing how the gospel is blessing their lives. Pray that they keep strong please. I would call his mom but I am literally filled up for every day each day of the month so I will call her when we have an opening but I told Elder B to tell his mom that. 
I played basketball with the investigator(actor) from the Best Two Years movie last P-day. He's almost my height and he's pretty good. But he is the Bishop of the YSA ward. There are 25 sets of Spanish missionaries, I think not sure though. Well I am in Spanish assignment so there aren't as many Latino members. 
I did and thank you for the package I loved it and did you tell Aunt Adie and Papa Steve that I said thank you because I don't have their email address. But I loved the letter that you guys sent I will be sending another letter soon probably 2 to 3 weeks. So people say the Spanish is coming, but ehh I don't know. But I do have a talk in the Spanish ward this week... That should be fun. 
My message this week is listen to the small promptings of the Holy Ghost. Most of the time as missionaries we don't really realize that we are being prompted to go and do something or go and talk to someone we just do it. But the way we found V was by knocking on a member's house and asking for referrals. She told us that she wasn't sure the family across the street was members. Well we both already knew the family and they are less active( about to be reactivated) so we didn't really feel like going by. But then we thought about it for a few seconds and we thought to ourselves we should go see them (it was 9 so we were going home). So we stop by and V's mom is there and tell us that she wan't us to teach here Daughter. And I know that this was a small prompting because we were supposed to be at home at 9 and we just decided to knock this last door and now we have to amazing people that we are teaching. I know that if we follow the guidance of the Holy Ghost we will never become lost. We must always be worthy to have the Holy Ghost to guide us. 
Have a good week
Con amor
Elder Montgomery 

Friday, September 5, 2014

We Live in House that is very Similar to Papa Steve's House.

We are both still here. This week was good we don't have anyone progressing or new or lessons but it's all good it will come eventually. Fun things? Hmm nothing just doing the Lords work I work out twice a day though I don't want to get fat, but I'm still gaining weight. I'm almost positive it's not fat I'm gaining all the muscle back from surgery and the weight loss in the CCM and I'm getting even broader go figure. Taco time ruins the stomach mother!  haha! I'm trying to eat really healthy. I'm turning into father, eating oatmeal and fruit and healthy bread. Are you kidding me that's NOT FAIR that's the reason he was sent home for sure to baptize those two little kids. So the house we live in is very similar to Papa Steve's house. It even smells and looks (house and yard) like it too. Please send me videos of Katie I would love to see how she is doing. How about if I send you a sim card you send me yours full of videos of Katie spiking or blocking as well as Mad-I too. She has she gotten even better. Does she hit harder than me yet?
I gave a talk yesterday on the 5th article of faith. It went well, I think. Everyone after ward came up to us and told us that we were inspired as we gave our talks. But what I learned as I studied this article of faith was that all of us have been called to do the Lord's work.  It doesn't matter if you are bishop or a teacher in Sunday school. Whatever calling you have been called to do, do it with all of your diligence, because when we do this we will then be exalted. We will be judged according to our works, so if we give it our all we will all be okay. The bishop has the keys and authority to receive revelation for the ward and to call members to callings. And because of this when we get our callings we should look at it as the Lord calling us because He has. It's through the Bishop that this happens. And also all of those who have entered into the baptisimal covenant has covenanted to to missionary work. yeah those are my thoughts for the week
Con amor
elder Montgomery 
tell papa Steve and aunt Adie thank you please

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Utah is Nice.

I did get them the packages and I loved them. They were Swedish fish and guess what else? an Idaho spud. Haha! OH Papa Steve. Utah is nice. The weather is not nearly as good as Mexico's though. But it is starting to cool off so it's starting to feel a lot nicer. 
The investigators are good. Last P-day we got 6 new ones!!!. The M family and S family. Both are great but I especially love the M family, they are amazing. And they are open to hear the gospel. 
Well we went hiking the other day as a zone and we played volleyball for 3 hours last Pday. The people here a scrubs at volleyball. It is transfer week and I had a dream that our area was being split in a half and Elder T had a dreams that he was sent to West Jordan. I think I will stay here I don't know about Elder T though. I can understand a little bit more of church,not much though. It depends on who is speaking. 
The closest temple is Oquirrh Mountain temple. What is wrong with Austin I understand eating healthy, but really no cake? He's crazy!!
Con Amor,
Elder Montgomery

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Sport they Play in the Celestial Kingdom is Basketball

Utah is great. The weather is starting to even out here so that's really nice. So they are coming but they aren't progressing because they don't read or go to church but I do see their testimony's growing. Nope, no fun tracting stories yet, but I'll tell you when I get them.
I like taco bell. Taco time feeds missionaries for free and Chick-fil-a give charges us half price. 
The ward that I go to is awesome. The bishop is great and they are starting to like me a lot. I especially like the L's. I'll get a picture of them for you.  Tell me about Austin.. 
My message this week is about faith. Honestly I didn't really put much thought about faith until we had Elder Clarke (one of the seventy) come and speak to us this last week. He was talking mainly about goal setting and how when you set those goals and bring them before the Lord then you have to reach those goals. And only through faith will the Lord bless you to have the ability to reach those goals. I learned that God can do nothing unless you have faith in him.  We also don't receive an answer or a blessing until we go through a trial of our faith as well. But he bless us according to how much faith we have. So in order to increase my faith I have been trying to change my mind set on how I approach everything. I keep telling my self every minute of the day 2 new 2 new investigators and this is because I know that if I keep on doing this I will begin to believe that I will get 2 new. And when you believe in things that aren't seen then you are exercising faith.  But faith is one thing that we will always be working on in our lives. But yeah that's my message for the week oh and Elder Clarke called me up while he was speaking. He said that he want's to take me out on splits one day. So I'm super EXCITED for that. One more thing he asked me if I played basketball and I said I did. He said that's good because the sport they play in the celestial kingdom is basketball and he gave me scriptures for it too. 
Have a great week
Con amor,
Elder Montgomery

So my day is just a BUNCH of tracting. (Aug. 11 email)

This past week was good. I have only eaten shaved Ice one time. We don't have time to go an get it and people stare at us when we go out to places it's really weird. So mother I got your package after I emailed you. I get mail after email so I won't be able to email you until next week, but I did get it. Everyone thought it was hilarious that you put greenie all over it. My favorite thing was the waffle house key chain. It's so sad that no one out here knows what it is, but I will be sending a letter soon to you all. You will get one once a month though (better than Austin right). I did get a new one. Elder E and we were going by a lot of English speaking people, so I decided we should go by some Spanish speaking people as well. So we stop by one of the investigators that dropped us recently and he didn't open the door, but then I remembered my mission presidents words about if you are in a place you must be there for a reason.  So we go down the street to another Spanish speaking family and the father wasn't home but the mom was in the back gardening. We had been going by this family for quite a while now and I asked the mom is she had 5 minutes and she said she did. So I taught her the whole first lesson (in Spanish) and committed her to be baptized. She is on date for the 30th now but this week was really freaking slow. So my day is just a BUNCH of tracting. There is so much of it because all the people we go by don't want to see us so we need to find people some way. So much for teaching lessons all day and all night. The ward member I live with is Brother E. He is 76 and his wife died 6 years ago. I love this man to death. He is similar to papa steve and papa so it's nice. He knows a lot of doctrine, so when ever I have a question I go talk to him. I am fed by the Spanish members everyday and it's awesome. Latino food is way healthier than our food, but the down side is they load your plate down with food. I don't talk to English people ever so that's good I guess. I think the ward members are really starting to like me. My ward is awesome the people are all super nice. So how are the girls doing in vball. Are they both improving?
Con Amor,
Elder Montgomery 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"I Belong to the Church of Weed"

That is freaking hilarious about his first campout and the Coyotes. 
Yeah I know who you are talking about so sis Hoferitzas mom right?  
That's great that you scared the guys off so the missionaries bikes didn't get stolen. 
Guess what I lost 7lbs in the MTC if I haven't told you already. 
What kind of sick is Austin? 
Utah is good! People try and give us money but we are like we can only except food and yeah so they get us food. I got the helmet. The budgeting is fine i buy all of the super cheap stuff and get bread and cereal and that's it so I have extra money to go out to eat most of the time. 
We got 2 NEW investigators yesterday and we had been fasting and praying for them too. Horray!
So my message this week will  be about fasting because let me tell you fasting works. We had been struggling the past few weeks to find anyone to teach. No one would open the door and no one wanted to talk to us. It was hard. So then we started praying that we would meet someone or just have the opportunity to talk to anyone really. And Saturday, we had the opportunity to talk to some people they just we not interested. So we fasted that we would just be able to talk to someone and get just one new investigator. So we are going through Sunday like we always do and we got to talk to some people. They were interested and we taught them the first lesson and the accepted the invitation to be baptized. But I know that fasting works and that it is a great way to come closer to the Lord as well. Oh mother I am fed every single day and the food is super good.
Best line we've heard while knocking doors.
"I belong to the church of weed"

Freaking Hilarious.
Con amor
Elder Montgomery 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mormon Missionaries, What You Need to Know!

Not like the South that is for Dang Sure.

Pioneer Day was just another day here in the mission field. A lot of people celebrated it but the missionaries treat it like any other day. We live in an old members basement and he is freaking awesome. The weather is dry but I still don't need chapstick. The spanish is coming not too fast but it is coming. We teach in English occasionally. Nope none of that yet but the food here is great but latinos eat a lot healthier than most people do in general so I don't think that I will get fat. I ride my bike everyday and the car as well. I like that everyone here is nice but nobody in Utah seems to know their neighbors so it's kind of annoying when we are tracking and we ask if they know anyone around and they have no clue. Not like the South that is for dang sure. I freaking love my companion he's AWESOME!! 
Con amor
 Elder Montgomery

Oh the message for this week is patience. Patience is an attribute of Christ that we must all be working on. I personally struggle with it but I know that the Lord is trying to teach it to me right now. But once we learn patience I believe that a lot of the other attributes of Christ will become easier to gain. But having patience will also give us gratitude because we will see the hand of God in our lives even more. We will see just a little bit of how God works but having patience will also bless you in other ways. It will bless you family in so many ways I can't even tell you but I know that patience is a very important Christ like attribute to have. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Alive and Well in Riverton Utah

 What city do you live and serve in? I am in Riverton and Bluffdale

Are you in a Spanish ward? I am in the Riverton 22nd Spanish ward.

Are you on a bike, car or walking? I do all three

Who is your comp and where is he from? Elder T. is from California by way of El Salvador

Did you get your suitcase and your big package? Yes I did. Thank you.

Do you live in a members home? We do. Most missionaries around here do.

Are you being fed? Everyday
Do you cover a ward or a stake? I cover 8 Stakes.

Any baptisms haha?? LOL. Not yet.

I love Peeps sooooo much oh we saw a kitten yesterday just outside so we picked it up and loved on it. My address will be the mission address. We don't use our physical address like Austin's mission does. So write to me at the address posted on the blog.
Yeah time does fly I hit two months in two weeks from today. I love my companion his name is Elder T he is a native Spanish speaker but he also speaks really good English. I do speak Spanish but I can't understand it at all. Um so we had church yesterday... I didn't understand anything haha but elder T says that my Spanish has already improved with in the past few days. The mission president is amazing I love him so much. He is a lot like you dad but a little more spiritual. The members love me and can you believe it I'm the tallest person in the ward. Elder T says my problem is that I say my Spanish like I would in English but in reality it should be vice versa so I need reverse the way I say things. 
People pay for my food here you don't even know how weird that is and to be surrounded my Mormons too. It is awesome. 
 Yeah I guess I think I might be growing because my knees hurt quite a bit. 

So Ill give you the spiritual message ! In my morning study today I was studying on the Holy Ghost. And I was reading in the Ensign and the scriptures and this is what I found out. We must always be striving to look for the guidance of the Holy Ghost in our lives.  Even if we can not see it always be looking for it because I promise that it is there. But you must also be living and following the commandments that God has given us. Even though we say the spirit is a still small voice most people receive a feeling of peace or warmth. God does answer our questions if we ask with sincere intent. We just have to have our lives in line with the gospel so that we can be guided by the Holy Ghost. I know that this is true. I have nothing else to say other than I love you guys and have a good week
Con Amor,
Elder Montgomery

Pres. and Sis. Chambers with Elder Montgomery (mission Pres.)

The missionaries that arrived in the mission with Elder Montgomery. Three only came from the Mexico CCM.

 And of course goofing off with his comp. Elder T. You have to know that Zach is THRILLED to get shaved ice. It is one of his favorites!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Missionaries who are going to the CCM Advice

Okay so the message for this week is praying with real intent and also praying and being very specific. Our Heavenly Father loves us more than we can even imagine, and he wants to hear from us each day all the time. He wants to hear about our problems and our needs each day. So why is it that most people don't pray with real sincerity? He is our father and just like Padre want's to hear from me each week so does our Father in Heaven. Praying is a sacred thing that we do to communicate with God. You should give an account of your day to him and give thanks for all of the many blessings that he has given you in your life. Next you should pray for things that you may need in your life. But don't be causal about it. You should pray as specific as you can. For example there were these missionaries that got locked out of there apartment and they had a appointment in half an hour. The front desk was closed and there was nobody in there. They then said a prayer to our Heavenly Father asking for a miracle that they could some how get back into their apartment. In the prayer it went kind of like this Dear Heavenly Father we are having a little it of a problem right now and we are locked out of our apartment. If we talk to everyone on the way back to our apartment can you please some how bless us so that we might be able to get into our apartment. They said amen and began walking back to their apartment. The first guy they said hi to nothing and the second guy as well. They were then walking past some children and kept walking but the spirit reminded them to talk to everybody. One of the kids was of the lady that works at the front desk and they got back into their apartment. This shows the importance of saying specific prayers. God will bless us if we have faith that he will but without faith nothing is possible. 

Oh for those new missionaries who are going to the CCM. The teachers here a really awesome. It gets kind of cold at night so brings a hoodie to sleep in or something. It is also colder than you think. The food is decent here but not great. Oh and speak to all the Latinos that you see so that you can practice your language. Become friends with the workers at the CCM . Contrary to popular myth, you don't get to leave the CCM to go out and proselyte in the streets.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I have made really good friends with the people that work in the cafeteria

Honestly the Fourth of July here was the best day that I have ever had in the CCM. We never have american food and when I say that I mean NEVER. But the Latino workers tried really hard to make it a special lunch for us and they did a fantastic job. We had fries and bbq and apple pie with icecream. I love that so much. So I have made really good friends with the people that work in the cafeteria if you Know what I mean haha. Tell Ben that he will get fat if he eats there.Oh and by being here I'm pretty sure that I have lost weight. You don't even know how pumped I am to leave this place. I am sick of this place literally haha there was an intestinal virus going around. It got completely around the CCM so that was no fun.
 So you made my room into a closet? Please send me more pictures so that I can see it better than the one. I will try to call you but I honestly don't know how to work the phone card so if that doesn't work I will try and call from a pay phone. I'll probably call around 12 your time or 11 who knows but all I want right now is TACO BELL. I want fake mexican food real bad. In the new package can you send my yellow stereo. We can listen to music but it has to be out loud so instead of buy some new speakers could you send that please? and one more pair of shorts and shirts.
 The message for today is the gift of tongues is totally real. There is absolutely no way that I could  teach lessons in Spanish without the gift because I know no Spanish at all haha. But in order to receive this blessing or any other blessing of the spirit we must be worthy. We have to always be repenting and be looking for promptings of the spirit. You must also be humble to receive the blessings. Recognizing that you can't do it without Heavenly fathers help.  
Con amor,
Elder Montgomery

-I have been pretty good but I don't really have anything to say this week. I really want to leave really really bad. Being zone leader is a lot of work. It is literally like babysitting almost.  Okay the time frame is from 8 45 to 11 something in my time sorry I don't have much to say today haha
But I love you 
Con amor
Elder Montgomery

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I was Made Zone Leader Last Sunday, so Wish me Luck with That.

I will be calling home from the airport most likely in Dallas though. Well when you know when Mexico score a a goal that's is for sure. My Spanish is coming not much I can say about it.   So this week was great. I got a stain on my shirt four days in a row. The last one a bird pooped on me so I was not happy about that. 
So the message this week is the important of repentance. Repentance can be a hard thing and Satan wants us to feel like we are not worthy to repent. But all those who are reading get those thoughts out of your head because Jesus and our Heavenly Father want us to repent. Jesus died for us so that we could repent and come back to out father in Heaven. So why would we not partake in one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. I know that it may be hard but do all that you can to repent because It may be hard at first but when the whole process is over it feels like the biggest burden has been lifted off of your shoulders. Nothing else I can think of other than I was made Zone leader last Sunday so wish me luck with that. My teacher said that he thinks my whole district is ready for the field. We all can talk pretty well so that's is good. I must go but 
Con Amor,
Elder Montgomery 

To Padre:
Things are great I miss you guys (specifically Katie) but that is because she is special to me. My Spanish is improving. Both of my teachers say that I am ready for the field which I'm excited about because I am ready to preach.  I will just be sad to leave my district. I was made Zone leader on Sunday. I have learned so much about the gospel you don't even know. I would love to be in Salt Lake. I had a dream that I was on the plane there and I was so stoked. I promise I had written Montele the first week I guess he must not have gotten it. I can almost hold a hand stand for quite some time now. I can walk on my hands now the no dunking rule is killing me so much you don't even know.
Con Amor
Elder Montgomery 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Eat Rice and Beans Everyday.

That is pretty freaking awesome about the girls at volleyball camp. It seems I never really got the opportunities but oh well haha.  Do you think Katie will play varsity this year? My Spanish is starting to come but very slowly. I did get that picture with Hermana Clark so I'll send that to you. Where did you guys get stung at. Ben´s eye literally looked so funny.  (side note Sis. Clark and Elder Montgomery share the same Great Grandparents)

I eat rice and Beans everyday. Sometimes in the breakfast as well. My district leader is Elder Brown he is really cool I like him we get along great. Oh and guess where he is from (utah) haha no surprise there. The Hermanas in my district are going to the Nashville Tennessee Mission so they will be really close to you guys. A new district was added to my zone this week and four of them are going to Atlanta Ga for there mission I´ll send you their names next week.

I just went to the temple today. It is way bigger than ours but it is super pretty but what temple isn´t. My message for you this week is about how families can live together for eternity. While we were in the visitors center for the Mexico Temple and we watched a video on famailes. While I was watching I felt the spirit tell me that it is true. I know that we will live together for ever and I am so grateful for the oportunity to go out and preach that because I know that these things are true. I love you guys so much and I miss you guys but not enough to want to leave that´s for sure haha. It makes me so happy that I know that we can be together after death and it makes me even more excited to go out and preach it to the people of Salt Lake City Utah. 

Mucho, Amor 
Elder Montgomery

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

They Call Me HAWAII Five O

I am so happy that the Spurs practically swept the Heat. Was it a clinic they put on? 

So yesterday I had to give a blessing to one of the guys in my district because he hurt himself playing volleyball. It was pretty cool! I think I'm starting to get better at giving them go figure haha. But the really cool thing is, that he was put into a wheel chair because of the injury but today he's feeling so much better he can almost start walking again. So that is one of the coolest things I have seen yet.

Um yesterday was probably the hardest day that I have ever had in the CCM.  I could not function at all. I couldn't understand what anybody was saying to me. Usually I'm decent about being able to decipher what they say to me but yesterday was awful. I just absolutely hated Spanish with a passion yesterday. But they one of my teachers came in and he showed us this video on Christ like attributes. He told us to pick one to work on and I decided that I needed to work on Hope. But in a different type of way. I studied it this morning (in English) and it just helped remind me that by me being on the mission the lord will bless me with the ability to learn the language.

I have played some ball. So far I'm the best. They call me HAWAII five O (which I like because that is a sick nickname). 

So basically last Tuesday after I had emailed you guys we had a devotional in the auditorium. It started to rain so freaking hard it was ridiculous. It rained so much that it flooded the auditorium. I was sitting in the front row which was really cool. 

Everything is starting to move much faster like literally it feels like pday was just a few days ago. I really like pizza day. As much as a love Mexican food I'm starting to hate it haha.
The investigator was a practice one, but now he is our teacher so that's really cool. 
I have heard gunshots. I have heard more fireworks than anything. We aren't allowed to leave the CCM because it is too dangerous. 

Who baptized Calvin. I'm so happy that he was baptized. That is so awesome I knew he would. I'm seeing sister Clark more so I talk to her. 

Mucho Amor,

Elder Montgomery