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Friday, December 5, 2014

A Home that is Centered on Christ will Never Fail.

DID I GET FED MOTHER? Of course I did we had THREE DINNER'S on Thanksgiving. I just felt like I was going to blow up and die because of all the food we were fed haha. I missed going to Uncle Ray's house as well I love the food there and getting to talk to the family. Father's family sure is funny. So Thanksgiving day we were told that we could not proselyte so we went out and stayed with members or at least that is what we planned on doing. Instead we stayed at a members house for quite some time helping keep their marriage together(I'll tell you more later in the letter). That's going to be great going back to the old ward building it's not that much farther and I like it there more the only sad thing is a lot of my friends go to that building. Are you serious we still haven't heard anything from SLC and about Austin oh well. Is Alabama really good at Volleyball or something Mother I don't really know where are they ranked in the nation? We know UCLA is for sure.The Old Navy stuff is doing great especially since we are only on bike's and walking. The wind here is brutal but other than that I think Georgia is colder feeling. 
 The new area is good I really enjoy it here and I get to use Spanish more here than I did in Riverton. We actually get fed with the other Elder's so no need to worry about that. We live with Sister K she is 80 yrs old and has a chocolate lab named Hershey who is 15.There is no need to shovel her side walk because there is now snow here right now at all. It really is kind of sad. We right now are teaching M and K he is 13 and she is 14. We also have a potential family we are hoping to catch this week because they seemed really interested when we talked about the plan of Salvation to them. He doesn't really like to exercise that much. So going back to that thing that happened on Thanksgiving. We got a call from one of our families and 11:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving day and told us there were some issues. so we told them to hold on. So we hopped on our bikes and got over there as fast as we could. When they let us in the place was just trashed he wife was throwing a fit and he was packing up his stuff and about to leave. So we get them into the living room and we just sat down and listened to everything. Not going to lie it was a little scary but Elder B and I listened and when the time came we talked to them. The Spirit just confirmed all of the things that we were telling them. And a huge peace just came down over the room and all the tension just left right there. We got down to the the point and found out they hadn't been doing their scripture study or their prayer as a family or by themselves. I cannot stress the importance of how it important it is to do these thing's as a family. A home that is centered on Christ will never fail. So that is what we taught them. So I promise that if we do these thing pray read and go to church with earnest intent and as a family we do these things your lives will be more peaceful and your home will become a house of refuge. The home should be the next closest thing to the Temple and if you don't have the spirit in it, it will be much harder to keep a family together. I love you guys have a great week
Con amor,
Elder Montgomery 

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