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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Utah is Nice.

I did get them the packages and I loved them. They were Swedish fish and guess what else? an Idaho spud. Haha! OH Papa Steve. Utah is nice. The weather is not nearly as good as Mexico's though. But it is starting to cool off so it's starting to feel a lot nicer. 
The investigators are good. Last P-day we got 6 new ones!!!. The M family and S family. Both are great but I especially love the M family, they are amazing. And they are open to hear the gospel. 
Well we went hiking the other day as a zone and we played volleyball for 3 hours last Pday. The people here a scrubs at volleyball. It is transfer week and I had a dream that our area was being split in a half and Elder T had a dreams that he was sent to West Jordan. I think I will stay here I don't know about Elder T though. I can understand a little bit more of church,not much though. It depends on who is speaking. 
The closest temple is Oquirrh Mountain temple. What is wrong with Austin I understand eating healthy, but really no cake? He's crazy!!
Con Amor,
Elder Montgomery

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Sport they Play in the Celestial Kingdom is Basketball

Utah is great. The weather is starting to even out here so that's really nice. So they are coming but they aren't progressing because they don't read or go to church but I do see their testimony's growing. Nope, no fun tracting stories yet, but I'll tell you when I get them.
I like taco bell. Taco time feeds missionaries for free and Chick-fil-a give charges us half price. 
The ward that I go to is awesome. The bishop is great and they are starting to like me a lot. I especially like the L's. I'll get a picture of them for you.  Tell me about Austin.. 
My message this week is about faith. Honestly I didn't really put much thought about faith until we had Elder Clarke (one of the seventy) come and speak to us this last week. He was talking mainly about goal setting and how when you set those goals and bring them before the Lord then you have to reach those goals. And only through faith will the Lord bless you to have the ability to reach those goals. I learned that God can do nothing unless you have faith in him.  We also don't receive an answer or a blessing until we go through a trial of our faith as well. But he bless us according to how much faith we have. So in order to increase my faith I have been trying to change my mind set on how I approach everything. I keep telling my self every minute of the day 2 new 2 new investigators and this is because I know that if I keep on doing this I will begin to believe that I will get 2 new. And when you believe in things that aren't seen then you are exercising faith.  But faith is one thing that we will always be working on in our lives. But yeah that's my message for the week oh and Elder Clarke called me up while he was speaking. He said that he want's to take me out on splits one day. So I'm super EXCITED for that. One more thing he asked me if I played basketball and I said I did. He said that's good because the sport they play in the celestial kingdom is basketball and he gave me scriptures for it too. 
Have a great week
Con amor,
Elder Montgomery

So my day is just a BUNCH of tracting. (Aug. 11 email)

This past week was good. I have only eaten shaved Ice one time. We don't have time to go an get it and people stare at us when we go out to places it's really weird. So mother I got your package after I emailed you. I get mail after email so I won't be able to email you until next week, but I did get it. Everyone thought it was hilarious that you put greenie all over it. My favorite thing was the waffle house key chain. It's so sad that no one out here knows what it is, but I will be sending a letter soon to you all. You will get one once a month though (better than Austin right). I did get a new one. Elder E and we were going by a lot of English speaking people, so I decided we should go by some Spanish speaking people as well. So we stop by one of the investigators that dropped us recently and he didn't open the door, but then I remembered my mission presidents words about if you are in a place you must be there for a reason.  So we go down the street to another Spanish speaking family and the father wasn't home but the mom was in the back gardening. We had been going by this family for quite a while now and I asked the mom is she had 5 minutes and she said she did. So I taught her the whole first lesson (in Spanish) and committed her to be baptized. She is on date for the 30th now but this week was really freaking slow. So my day is just a BUNCH of tracting. There is so much of it because all the people we go by don't want to see us so we need to find people some way. So much for teaching lessons all day and all night. The ward member I live with is Brother E. He is 76 and his wife died 6 years ago. I love this man to death. He is similar to papa steve and papa so it's nice. He knows a lot of doctrine, so when ever I have a question I go talk to him. I am fed by the Spanish members everyday and it's awesome. Latino food is way healthier than our food, but the down side is they load your plate down with food. I don't talk to English people ever so that's good I guess. I think the ward members are really starting to like me. My ward is awesome the people are all super nice. So how are the girls doing in vball. Are they both improving?
Con Amor,
Elder Montgomery 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"I Belong to the Church of Weed"

That is freaking hilarious about his first campout and the Coyotes. 
Yeah I know who you are talking about so sis Hoferitzas mom right?  
That's great that you scared the guys off so the missionaries bikes didn't get stolen. 
Guess what I lost 7lbs in the MTC if I haven't told you already. 
What kind of sick is Austin? 
Utah is good! People try and give us money but we are like we can only except food and yeah so they get us food. I got the helmet. The budgeting is fine i buy all of the super cheap stuff and get bread and cereal and that's it so I have extra money to go out to eat most of the time. 
We got 2 NEW investigators yesterday and we had been fasting and praying for them too. Horray!
So my message this week will  be about fasting because let me tell you fasting works. We had been struggling the past few weeks to find anyone to teach. No one would open the door and no one wanted to talk to us. It was hard. So then we started praying that we would meet someone or just have the opportunity to talk to anyone really. And Saturday, we had the opportunity to talk to some people they just we not interested. So we fasted that we would just be able to talk to someone and get just one new investigator. So we are going through Sunday like we always do and we got to talk to some people. They were interested and we taught them the first lesson and the accepted the invitation to be baptized. But I know that fasting works and that it is a great way to come closer to the Lord as well. Oh mother I am fed every single day and the food is super good.
Best line we've heard while knocking doors.
"I belong to the church of weed"

Freaking Hilarious.
Con amor
Elder Montgomery