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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So my day is just a BUNCH of tracting. (Aug. 11 email)

This past week was good. I have only eaten shaved Ice one time. We don't have time to go an get it and people stare at us when we go out to places it's really weird. So mother I got your package after I emailed you. I get mail after email so I won't be able to email you until next week, but I did get it. Everyone thought it was hilarious that you put greenie all over it. My favorite thing was the waffle house key chain. It's so sad that no one out here knows what it is, but I will be sending a letter soon to you all. You will get one once a month though (better than Austin right). I did get a new one. Elder E and we were going by a lot of English speaking people, so I decided we should go by some Spanish speaking people as well. So we stop by one of the investigators that dropped us recently and he didn't open the door, but then I remembered my mission presidents words about if you are in a place you must be there for a reason.  So we go down the street to another Spanish speaking family and the father wasn't home but the mom was in the back gardening. We had been going by this family for quite a while now and I asked the mom is she had 5 minutes and she said she did. So I taught her the whole first lesson (in Spanish) and committed her to be baptized. She is on date for the 30th now but this week was really freaking slow. So my day is just a BUNCH of tracting. There is so much of it because all the people we go by don't want to see us so we need to find people some way. So much for teaching lessons all day and all night. The ward member I live with is Brother E. He is 76 and his wife died 6 years ago. I love this man to death. He is similar to papa steve and papa so it's nice. He knows a lot of doctrine, so when ever I have a question I go talk to him. I am fed by the Spanish members everyday and it's awesome. Latino food is way healthier than our food, but the down side is they load your plate down with food. I don't talk to English people ever so that's good I guess. I think the ward members are really starting to like me. My ward is awesome the people are all super nice. So how are the girls doing in vball. Are they both improving?
Con Amor,
Elder Montgomery 

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