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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Sport they Play in the Celestial Kingdom is Basketball

Utah is great. The weather is starting to even out here so that's really nice. So they are coming but they aren't progressing because they don't read or go to church but I do see their testimony's growing. Nope, no fun tracting stories yet, but I'll tell you when I get them.
I like taco bell. Taco time feeds missionaries for free and Chick-fil-a give charges us half price. 
The ward that I go to is awesome. The bishop is great and they are starting to like me a lot. I especially like the L's. I'll get a picture of them for you.  Tell me about Austin.. 
My message this week is about faith. Honestly I didn't really put much thought about faith until we had Elder Clarke (one of the seventy) come and speak to us this last week. He was talking mainly about goal setting and how when you set those goals and bring them before the Lord then you have to reach those goals. And only through faith will the Lord bless you to have the ability to reach those goals. I learned that God can do nothing unless you have faith in him.  We also don't receive an answer or a blessing until we go through a trial of our faith as well. But he bless us according to how much faith we have. So in order to increase my faith I have been trying to change my mind set on how I approach everything. I keep telling my self every minute of the day 2 new 2 new investigators and this is because I know that if I keep on doing this I will begin to believe that I will get 2 new. And when you believe in things that aren't seen then you are exercising faith.  But faith is one thing that we will always be working on in our lives. But yeah that's my message for the week oh and Elder Clarke called me up while he was speaking. He said that he want's to take me out on splits one day. So I'm super EXCITED for that. One more thing he asked me if I played basketball and I said I did. He said that's good because the sport they play in the celestial kingdom is basketball and he gave me scriptures for it too. 
Have a great week
Con amor,
Elder Montgomery

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