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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I love riding my bike

Sounds good it's about time that he got back out but Austin is still way to skinny in my opinion.So how is Miss Terri and Mr. Rick. Are they doing well? You were offered a full time job where the same place that you are working at or what? Yeah bills are no fun to pay mother I just haven't payed any yet. 
 So this past week we had quite a few miracles. We found 4 new investigators and put them all on date for the 28th of December so it looks like it is going to be a white Christmas haha. The work is good in the "Ghetto" (they don't know what the hood is) I'm not even in Kearns I am in Taylorsville so yeah. It's the nicest part of the Kearns zone's. A lot of people feed me but we get a lot of tacos and rice and beans no surprise there. I am losing weight right now too. 
The weather is in the 60s and 50s right now is it's pretty nice but I hope it snow's soon. I love riding my bike. I went from covering 8 stakes to 1 so it's fun my area is pretty small now. 
You should leave all of the Christmas stuff up until I get home.  
Nothing much going on but transfers are next week. every mission has to have a 4 week transfer now because of the age change so that is this week and the transfer after is an 8 week one now. 
So what days are you going to be working now and how long. Mother you really shouldn't try and catch a hot pan that doesn't work out very well. You should use oven mitts next time. How is the Lakeview basketball team doing?
Love you too,
Elder Montgomery 

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