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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I have made really good friends with the people that work in the cafeteria

Honestly the Fourth of July here was the best day that I have ever had in the CCM. We never have american food and when I say that I mean NEVER. But the Latino workers tried really hard to make it a special lunch for us and they did a fantastic job. We had fries and bbq and apple pie with icecream. I love that so much. So I have made really good friends with the people that work in the cafeteria if you Know what I mean haha. Tell Ben that he will get fat if he eats there.Oh and by being here I'm pretty sure that I have lost weight. You don't even know how pumped I am to leave this place. I am sick of this place literally haha there was an intestinal virus going around. It got completely around the CCM so that was no fun.
 So you made my room into a closet? Please send me more pictures so that I can see it better than the one. I will try to call you but I honestly don't know how to work the phone card so if that doesn't work I will try and call from a pay phone. I'll probably call around 12 your time or 11 who knows but all I want right now is TACO BELL. I want fake mexican food real bad. In the new package can you send my yellow stereo. We can listen to music but it has to be out loud so instead of buy some new speakers could you send that please? and one more pair of shorts and shirts.
 The message for today is the gift of tongues is totally real. There is absolutely no way that I could  teach lessons in Spanish without the gift because I know no Spanish at all haha. But in order to receive this blessing or any other blessing of the spirit we must be worthy. We have to always be repenting and be looking for promptings of the spirit. You must also be humble to receive the blessings. Recognizing that you can't do it without Heavenly fathers help.  
Con amor,
Elder Montgomery

-I have been pretty good but I don't really have anything to say this week. I really want to leave really really bad. Being zone leader is a lot of work. It is literally like babysitting almost.  Okay the time frame is from 8 45 to 11 something in my time sorry I don't have much to say today haha
But I love you 
Con amor
Elder Montgomery

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