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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Not like the South that is for Dang Sure.

Pioneer Day was just another day here in the mission field. A lot of people celebrated it but the missionaries treat it like any other day. We live in an old members basement and he is freaking awesome. The weather is dry but I still don't need chapstick. The spanish is coming not too fast but it is coming. We teach in English occasionally. Nope none of that yet but the food here is great but latinos eat a lot healthier than most people do in general so I don't think that I will get fat. I ride my bike everyday and the car as well. I like that everyone here is nice but nobody in Utah seems to know their neighbors so it's kind of annoying when we are tracking and we ask if they know anyone around and they have no clue. Not like the South that is for dang sure. I freaking love my companion he's AWESOME!! 
Con amor
 Elder Montgomery

Oh the message for this week is patience. Patience is an attribute of Christ that we must all be working on. I personally struggle with it but I know that the Lord is trying to teach it to me right now. But once we learn patience I believe that a lot of the other attributes of Christ will become easier to gain. But having patience will also give us gratitude because we will see the hand of God in our lives even more. We will see just a little bit of how God works but having patience will also bless you in other ways. It will bless you family in so many ways I can't even tell you but I know that patience is a very important Christ like attribute to have. 

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  1. Zach, I love and enjoy reading your missionary notes. It is the only contact I have with the church now, so please keep up the good work!!