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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Missionaries who are going to the CCM Advice

Okay so the message for this week is praying with real intent and also praying and being very specific. Our Heavenly Father loves us more than we can even imagine, and he wants to hear from us each day all the time. He wants to hear about our problems and our needs each day. So why is it that most people don't pray with real sincerity? He is our father and just like Padre want's to hear from me each week so does our Father in Heaven. Praying is a sacred thing that we do to communicate with God. You should give an account of your day to him and give thanks for all of the many blessings that he has given you in your life. Next you should pray for things that you may need in your life. But don't be causal about it. You should pray as specific as you can. For example there were these missionaries that got locked out of there apartment and they had a appointment in half an hour. The front desk was closed and there was nobody in there. They then said a prayer to our Heavenly Father asking for a miracle that they could some how get back into their apartment. In the prayer it went kind of like this Dear Heavenly Father we are having a little it of a problem right now and we are locked out of our apartment. If we talk to everyone on the way back to our apartment can you please some how bless us so that we might be able to get into our apartment. They said amen and began walking back to their apartment. The first guy they said hi to nothing and the second guy as well. They were then walking past some children and kept walking but the spirit reminded them to talk to everybody. One of the kids was of the lady that works at the front desk and they got back into their apartment. This shows the importance of saying specific prayers. God will bless us if we have faith that he will but without faith nothing is possible. 

Oh for those new missionaries who are going to the CCM. The teachers here a really awesome. It gets kind of cold at night so brings a hoodie to sleep in or something. It is also colder than you think. The food is decent here but not great. Oh and speak to all the Latinos that you see so that you can practice your language. Become friends with the workers at the CCM . Contrary to popular myth, you don't get to leave the CCM to go out and proselyte in the streets.

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