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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hey a Movie that you have to see is Meet the Mormons.

Wow Katie must be doing good. Mother I bet you didn't cry but were crazy over some of your bands back in the day.  So the thing out here in Utah is that they don't have conference at the church buildings which is really freaking annoying. Because we can't just take our investigators to a members house, they don't understand English. Elder Bowcutt's brother lives literally 5 minutes away from me but I don't go into his neighborhood much because well there really aren't any Latinos in his area just saying. I have not met his parents yet but I got them in my planner ready to call them if I need anything. My favorite talk might have been from Holland or Bednar both were great talks... Hey a movie that you have to see is Meet the Mormons. We got to see this last week and it's amazing. You will love it and one of the families from it is from Atlanta. He spoke at Austin's seminary graduation. I get fed a lot of Latino food what can I say beans rice arepas. I have had a car for the whole time so far but most Spanish elders do though. It is starting to cool down I had to break out a sweater the other day. No idea about the i pads don't really know just that they will come soon enough.  We are having J's Baptism Sat. Mother most Latinos are small I haven't met a big one yet, so yes I am HUGE compared to them. The reason Shelby get's more letters is because she writes me you guys have two so  far and I email you too. I only write her. 
Love you have a great week
Elder Montgomery 

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