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Friday, June 13, 2014

Mi Espanol Es Muy Mal

That sounds fun. They play a lot of Volleyball here and basketball.
This place es muy bonita y es fantastico estar yo soy here. It is very
colorful. My district is amazing. So four of the eight in my district
are from the south and the other four are from Utah. An the funny
thing is, is that they are all going to the south for there missions
and we are all going to Utah. My companion is Elder McK. I like
him. I wish he would talk more but oh well. 
I did meet Sis. Clark it was kind of weird but that is probably because I have never
met her, she is very nice. Oh my gosh the food here is amazing but the
one problem is, is that it's mostly just carbs and we don´t get
enough time to work all of them off.
Why is there a picture of Madeline in the hospital. I
have but not many we can only take them on pdays so Ill take a lot
Espanol es muy dificil. Mi espanol es muy mal. All though it is
getting better. Like this first week I think I have learned more than
I did in the past 3 years in high school. The investigator that we are
teaching is awesome!!! His name is Roque. While we were teaching him
the other day and this came out of nowhere I felt the impression to
ask him to get baptized. And So I asked him. He said that he would
love to get baptized and his date is set for July 15th.  Any tips for
helping me learn the language better?

Mucho Amor,

Elder Montgomery

p.s.  Oh yeah here is the message for the week. The Atonement is real. I know
this for a fact because I have felt the Saviors love for me and
without it we would be nothing nor could we do nothing. I am so
grateful for Christ sacrifice for us. 

Um yeah about that satchel. I

kind of need it haha but I¨ll just wait for Utah. Can you send my
shoes to Utah the BYU Hawaii shirt and all of the other stuff that we
took out of the suitcase please. Oh yeah there is a guy in the CCM
that played basketball for BYU Hawaii. He says that I will love it
there and that Coach Evans is the best. ( he found out later that Coach Evans is leaving. :( He wasn't happy..)

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