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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I got the name tag!!!!!!!

The flight went great! There where about 22 elders and sisters on the flight so there was no need to worry. Customs was very easy it was as smooth as butter. My p day won´t be on Monday it will be either on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I got the name tag!!!!!!! This place is literally in the middle on Mexico city. The weather is definitely better than Georgia´s. It is a dryer heat but I´m still sweating a lot because of the suit jacket. My companion is Elder McKenzie. I haven´t met him yet, but I bet he is going to be awesome. I love the place!!! It´s awesome and super beautiful. I haven´t met Sister Clark yet but I´ll be looking for her. I got all my baggage there was no need to worry about that but the green duct tape did help quite a bit. Surprisingly my Spanish is a lot better than a lot of the elders and sisters that are out here. The Spanish people were sorta impressed by with the little Spanish that I know. Just found out that Tuesday will be my P day please tell everyone. I can´t wait to play basketball here ;) I love you guys have fun in Texas
Much Love,
Elder Montgomery

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