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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

They Call Me HAWAII Five O

I am so happy that the Spurs practically swept the Heat. Was it a clinic they put on? 

So yesterday I had to give a blessing to one of the guys in my district because he hurt himself playing volleyball. It was pretty cool! I think I'm starting to get better at giving them go figure haha. But the really cool thing is, that he was put into a wheel chair because of the injury but today he's feeling so much better he can almost start walking again. So that is one of the coolest things I have seen yet.

Um yesterday was probably the hardest day that I have ever had in the CCM.  I could not function at all. I couldn't understand what anybody was saying to me. Usually I'm decent about being able to decipher what they say to me but yesterday was awful. I just absolutely hated Spanish with a passion yesterday. But they one of my teachers came in and he showed us this video on Christ like attributes. He told us to pick one to work on and I decided that I needed to work on Hope. But in a different type of way. I studied it this morning (in English) and it just helped remind me that by me being on the mission the lord will bless me with the ability to learn the language.

I have played some ball. So far I'm the best. They call me HAWAII five O (which I like because that is a sick nickname). 

So basically last Tuesday after I had emailed you guys we had a devotional in the auditorium. It started to rain so freaking hard it was ridiculous. It rained so much that it flooded the auditorium. I was sitting in the front row which was really cool. 

Everything is starting to move much faster like literally it feels like pday was just a few days ago. I really like pizza day. As much as a love Mexican food I'm starting to hate it haha.
The investigator was a practice one, but now he is our teacher so that's really cool. 
I have heard gunshots. I have heard more fireworks than anything. We aren't allowed to leave the CCM because it is too dangerous. 

Who baptized Calvin. I'm so happy that he was baptized. That is so awesome I knew he would. I'm seeing sister Clark more so I talk to her. 

Mucho Amor,

Elder Montgomery

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